These are troubling medical truths revealed within the recent Journal of Physical Health report, “Stress, Injury and Bad Habits:
The Deadly Secrets Behind Diets and Exercise.”

The authors – all physicians and medical researchers at America’s leading teaching hospitals – came to their conclusion after spending
a decade studying the most popular diet and exercise techniques in America today. I know, because I am one of those physicians.

Not every celebrity was born beautiful, nor does maintaining their slim figures come naturally. Just like you, Hollywood celebrities also have to work hard to achieve their sleek figures. And just like you, they will most likely have tried many possible diet options in order to maintain their bodies.

For well-known hostess of a top-billing talkshow, it took a long process of trial and error before she found the secret to a successful diet that helped her keep unwanted weight off for good.

Is it possible to still have a good figure even after kids? All it takes is the right solution. I'm sure we've all heard of the Hollywood actress in her forties who regained her figure even after 2 pregnancies to upstage her 3 younger co-stars in a recent movie. The secret for her was a meal plan designed specifically to help her lose all the unwanted weight.

Do you want to know the secrets Hollywood Celebrities use to build up and maintain their beautiful figures?

My colleagues and I have sifted through mountains of data, tests, surveys and lab results. In the end, we found the same problem with every so-called miracle diet and exercise plan.

• Lack of co-ordination between diet and exercise

• Failure to track and measure results

• No support and expert/professional advice given for the activities.

• And worst of all, a “one-size-fits-all” mentality that places all participants in the same plan, regardless of size, weight, medical fitness or lifestyle habits.

In short, we found a recipe for failure.

Then we discovered a formula for success:

Fact: Hollywood Celebrities work hard to achieve sleek figures just like common people like us! The truth is you can learn their secrets and get the body you desire with our proven formula. 

Co-ordinated Planning + Personalized Attention = Effective Weight Loss

We call it the FatBuster program. Our celebrity clients call it a career saver.
You’ll call it the most effective weight loss program you have ever experienced.

Learn the weight loss secrets used by celebrities to lose unwanted weight and maintain their beautiful bodies. My colleagues and I have put together an easy to use but thorough and effective program that puts all the pieces together, safely and effectively. Not just for immediate weight loss, but for a lifetime of effective weight management. Regardless of whether you are a Hollywood celebrity or someone who prefers to stays out of the spotlight,  Here’s how the FatBuster program works:

FatBuster performs a complete evaluation of your current condition, including weight, exercise levels, lifestyle, diet preferences and desired results.

FatBuster gives you a personalized fitness plan that combines and co-ordinates diet, exercise and holistic programs to give you the most effective weight loss results.

FatBuster monitors your progress to help you meet our weight loss goals – and teaches you how to maintain your new figure.

The FatBuster program is not about drugs, fad diets or expensive exercise equipment. Its about good science– brought to the professional who have made a living studying weight loss problems, and helping people from all walks of life. From Hollywood celebrities to the average person on the streets, FatBuster will help you lose unwanted weight and keep it off for good. 

Since 2001, more than 1.5 million people have lost more than 175 million pounds and gained new levels of confidence and self-esteem they have never thought possible!

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1) A completely customized and personalized fitness plan written just for you.

2) Tools to help you monitor and keep track of your progress towards your weight goals

3) Simple step-by-step instructions, videos and suggestions for diet, exercise and holistic therapies in your personalized plan.

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Dr. David Junni, MD.
Medical Director, FatBuster Program