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If you're like most PC users, you probably feel that there's more you can do on your PC other than working. And you know what? Your 're right! In the next 2 minutes, we are going to show you the secrets to turn your PC into a Super TV that lets you experience a whole new world of live TV entertainment and news! All it takes is just a USB Stick loaded with THOUSANDS OF LIVE TV Channels, Movies, News, Sports and so much more!

Take A Quick TV Break!

Are you feeling that the day is getting too long and you're falling asleep at your desk? Sneak in a quick energizer. Let us show you how to use your PC to catch a comedy just to brighten your day, update yourself with a quick news clip, or watch your favorite artist's music video with a Satellite TV USB!

Enjoy Something New Every Day

Feeling bored over your local TV shows? Wish you can do more with your TV? What if you can use TV to show what interest you?

Let us show you how to use your TV to download shows your local station has never played before! Whether it's a movie you are excited about , a comedy to brighten your day, update yourself with a quick news video or even mesmerize over your favorite music video, you can have all you want on demand!
Simply search, download, play and be entertained! Never Miss Your Favorite Shows Again.

Download An Extra TV Into Your PC!

Maybe you have to fight with someone else for the remote when both of you want to watch TV at the same time. Do you wish you had another TV just so you can watch TV in peace, or even to put a TV beside your PC so that you don't have to step away from your computer. There's a better idea. What if you could watch TV on your PC?

Never Be Bored Again!

Sick of the same old shows, same old channels on TV every single day? Tired of watching reruns? Tired of no new movies in your nearest cinema? Hey, there's only so much variety with that little number of channels available to you. You may not realize it yet, but there is a better alternative to boring TV

Introducing SATELLITE TV USB For PCs

  • Start Watching Satellite TV On Your PC In Minutes!
  • 100% Legal and No Country Restrictions or Blockages.
  • Pocket size friendly USB that loads LIVE TV channels once you are connected to the Internet
  • Get More Than 1000+ TV Channels & 5000+ HD Movies - Absolutely Free!
  • No Hidden Cost And No Additional Hardware Required! Very easy to use!
  • No Recurring or Subsciptions Ever.



You don't realize it, but you can do all of the above with just a pocket size card! Sounds fantastic? Get the most out of your time and your PC now with PCShowbuzz. PCShowbuzz turns your PC into a SuperTV and gives you free, instant access to more than 1000 channels and live entertainment! Why buy another TV and pay monthly subscription for cable when you can get all the entertainment and news you'll ever need for less than the price of 4 value meals?

Unlimited Entertainment And News At An Unbeatable Price

What about Pay-Per-View programming? Or even monthly cable subscription? Some of these charges have to be paid month after month after month. If you add all this costs up you may end up paying hundreds just to watch tv. What about the unnecessary extra hardware just to get all this set up? You DONT get all these extra costs with Satellite TV USB.

We can easily charge a high price, but then not many people would be able to afford and use it. Call it an ego trip, but the fact is, we're so proud of this powerful software that we want to help as many people to use it as possible.

Here are just a few channels out of the thousands available


So How Much Does PCShowbuzz Cost?
Order Today & Get This Amazing Program At An Amazing Low Price Of Only $359.95$39.95!

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If you place your order right now, we'll give away another amazing entertainment software as a bonus - FREE Modem Booster (worth $49.95) .

Slow connection hindering your enjoyment of the Internet? Enhance your Internet connection and Boosts your Internet speed up to 300% with Modem Booster's proprietary PING technology! Download your Videos, Movies , Music, Games faster Limited to first 150 customers! Hurry while stocks last. Grab yours today!

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There are few products in the market that gives you all these features, and even then, they'll cost you hundreds of unnecessary dollars in extra hardware expenses and recurring charges. Or else, it may cost you at least $1000 to buy a cheap television, then another $50 a month just to get basic cable with only 50+ channels. And that's not counting rental for the box.

More than 1 million users are already enjoying the fantastic variety and value offered by online TV. Get Yours Today!

You are backed by a 100% No Risk Guarantee!

You are backed by a 100% No Risk Guarantee! If within 60 days, you like to return and get your money back, write to us! No question asked - 60 day money back guarantee!

Try it now! If it doesn't work for you, we don't want your money. We are glad to give you a complete refund of your purchase price.

Usually, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. But we'll like to give you ample time to try Satellite TV USB to your satisfaction.
So, we are extending this risk free guarantee by an additional 30 Days to 60 Days Return Guarantee!

Turn Your PC Into A Super TV
Usual Price: $359.95 Save: $360
Now: $39.95
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