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HelpMyPC Pro!

Remove Hidden Errors, Malware & Viruses from Your PC

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- 2 Integrated Engines To Boost Speed
- Detect & Remove Malware and Viruses
- Registry Repair & Maintenance
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It does not matter whether you are running a 5 year old PC or a $4000 setup with the latest hardware. You just realize your PC's performance is getting slower by the day. Programs are taking longer to start and running slower, or even freezing up for so long that you end up just rebooting your whole PC in frustration. Or occasionally, you might even catch a few weird PC messages flashing across your screen but you have no idea how to go about fixing?

Every single day, you are tempted to just either get a new PC, go for a major upgrade or simply re-format your whole system just to get the performances you used to get on your PC when you first bought it. But there is a better way! Now you can remove all hidden bugs that are causing your PC performance and improve your PC's stability without spending a single cent on hardware.

And you don't even need reformat your PC or fiddle around with any hardware or any complex settings to get this performance boost! What if you can actually own a Doctor who is quick and smart to attend to all your PC problems, faults even at 2am in the morning? Interested? Find out how HelpMyPC can help you achieve.

Double Scan Technology

Revolutionary double engine to remove spyware, viruses, malware and hidden PC errors in 1 click, eliminating the need for multiple software solutions on your PC.

Registry Repair & Maintenance
Speed your PC performance by cleaning, fixing and optimizing your Windows® registry.

Permanently deletes traces of online Internet tracks, history information and other sensitive data from your PC

Few realize every picture, video clip, chat room conversation and website address is written to your hard drive. HelpMyPC Pro protects you by removing all evidence of your online Internet history and activity.


- Pentium III above processor
- 256 MB of RAM
- 30 MB Free Space
- Windows XP / Vista / 7


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