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Version 1.1
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Release Date:
July 2000


Organize and launch your favorite sites within seconds!

Say every morning you have to read the news, check your stock portfolio, visit your homepage for guest comments, do some grocery shopping and check your course schedule. How long does it take to perform all these actions? By the time you finish your morning routine, your coffee is cold!

Try My Favorites, it cures your headache by launching these Web sites simultaneously within seconds, with just ONE mouse click!

Program Features
Main Program
You determine how you launch your favorite Websites and how each one is viewed. It’s so fast and easy to organize your favorite websites into different folders.

One-Click Launching
Launch all your favorite sites with just ONE click by using My Favorites' icon in the tool tray. You don't even need to have your Browser opened first.

One click sets the Web Address to fetch the page for you. Clicking onto a group launches multiple sites simultaneously.

Group Launching of Sites
Group your all favorite sites and launch each group with just ONE click.

Group your favorite websites into separate folders e.g. 'Morning', 'Afternoon' and 'Evening.' 'Morning' may contain your Websites for the day's news, stock indices, weather, etc. 'Evening' may contain your entertainment site, favorite sports channel or online bookstore.

Set Your Website to Refresh
You can set My Favorites to get your Website every few minutes so that you get the latest information on your finger tips.
This is great for especially if you need the latest stock market indices.

Browser Re-sizing and Positioning
Position the Browser exactly where you want each website to load on your computer screen. Set the size of the browser to the size you desire. For example, sometimes you just want to view the information on only a small portion of a Website. Other times, the contents of a Website requires much more viewing space.

If you find that you lack viewing space, take off the Browser's toolbar, address bar, status bar and link bar for that page. Voila! Get twenty per cent more viewing room immediately.
Each favorite link can have its own unique font, color, browser size and location on the desktop and more!

"Surf more efficiently with this handy favorites organizer for Internet Explorer users." My Favorites picked as "Leader of The Pack"

System Requirements and supported formats

PC: Pentium processor and above, 8MB of RAM, 8 MB of free space
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.

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Awards & Reviews

"My Favorites offers an enormous amount of control over the Web."

"With My Favorites, Launching Web Sites is A Snap!"

5 Star Editor's Pick

5 Cows Pick


"This nifty little utility lets you manage bookmarks in groups and open multiple sites at once"

PC Club Aid
Specialist Product of the Month Award October 2001
"My Favourites” makes the Internet a much easier and efficient tool to use rather than surf the web manually."