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Our Reviews & Awards

We appreciate the feedback and support and do our best to make our software even better. Below are some remarkable testimonials that we have received from our customers recently:


"Time taken: hour’s approx 72. My Favorites offers extensive features. It can save all your favourites websites, so all you have to do is start up “My Favourites” and your site will be loading instantaneously. Not only that, this program can fetch up as many sites as you wish. You can group your favourites websites. Then if you want to, you can load all your sites simultaneously."
Lewis and Oscar, from PC Club Aid

"My Favorites helps organize your bookmarks and partially automate your surfing"
Paul Van Bloem, Editor of BugBytes

"So far the only app that shoots off all my webpages that I want relatively quickly. Good software. I'll recommend!"
Robert Jonston, Jacksonville, NC


"My Favorites features an Explorer-style interface for organizing your folders and links. You can enter new sites with a right-click, and drag and drop listings into desired folders. My Favorites is unlike many of the macro and Internet tools you may have tried. For example, a cool feature is that you can set the actual desktop position of the browsers. To preview the layout, the interface displays a mock desktop. By clicking a link, you can drag and resize the mock browser to your liking. Once you launch a folder, the browsers will open according to your specifications."

"InKline Global, Inc. has launched a real winner with its latest offering, My Favorites 1.0, a utility that will launch multiple sites with a single click and allows configuration of how they are displayed on the desktop."


"You can even customise the appearance of the browser for each individual website, removing items such as the Toolbar, the Address Bar and so on. The colour, size and font of the hyperlinks on a site can also be specified, enabling easy location of those all-important aids to navigation."

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