Pure Radio
Tune in to Thousands of Radio Stations
- Incomparable variety – rock, blues, jazz, pop, country, classical & many more
- 24-hour streaming music from the largest online music catalog

Awards & Reviews

-"The program's slender code base will run smoothly on poky old machines."

"The program is very easy to use and can help alleviate the tedium of listening to the same songs over and over"

Web Attack
"The program is very easy to use and offers clear reception"

Rocket Download

"In fact, you probably won't find a more diverse mix of audio content anywhere else."

James Careless, Radio World International
" Enough to fork out $19.95 for an easy-to-use, truly radio-
style interface."

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Whether you're searching for the latest live mixes by London's top DJs, getting in on the action with live Super Bowl matches, or just chilling out with the coolest Jazz music from New Orleans, PureRadio is the ultimate online radio program. With thousands of stations to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Feeling homesick? Tune in to your hometown's station even if you are in another city or country.

Need some variety? Listen in to another country's radio station for a fresh new perspective and widen your horizons. Get to experience life in other countries without leaving your PC - the world is in your reach.

With a constantly updated collection of the world's most popular stations, Pure Radio lets you tune in to the latest and hottest music from around the globe.

Wow! Sounds great! But is it difficult to configure?

PureRadio is made for easy hassle free usage. Its as simple as hitting "Play". No messy configuration settings. No troublesome searching for your station. No Ads. No excess baggage. Not intrusive. Just hours of great music and listening pleasure.

Select from a wide number of radio stations (sort by country or genre) and add them to your play list just like using an MP3 player. Or add your favorite stations to the presets. Anyone with an Internet connection can access more live music, more news, more talk shows and live coverage of sporting events from around the world!

Thousands of live stations updated on the database

Here's a sample from our database, the most listened-in radio stations around the world. Foreign stations are just a mouse click away. Be amazed!

  • BBC World - London, UK
  • WBGO 88.3 FM - New Jersey, USA
  • Bloomberg - USA
  • Triple J - Sydney, Australia
  • FM Champla - Okinawa, Japan
  • Ministry of Sound - London, UK
  • MixFM - Ontario Canada

Small and Compact Minibar
User-friendly and compact, unlike other chunky Internet radio players. With the Minibar, PureRadio is so easy to use and totally unobtrusive.

Preset stations
Flip between stations easily, with just a click. Set your favorite radio stations on the preset buttons for quick retrieval when and where you want it.

Auto Database Update
Update the database by simply clicking on a button. Getting the latest stations is a breeze, nothing to install/uninstall or delete. Thousands of live stations updated on the list. Fast and simple.

Find your stations easily
Spoiled for choice with the thousands of stations to choose from, and don't know where to start? PureRadio categorizes the stations by genre and country, and allows you to find your favorite stations easily with the powerful search function.

Add and edit your stations
Customize your very own play list. Your favorite station not on the list? Add it in with this fully customizable player.

PureRadio Supported Formats
PureRadio offers support for Real Format streams and Windows Media Audio streams.

Generous buffer range for smooth streaming
PureRadio's wide buffer size makes sure the streaming process is smooth and uninterrupted.

System Requirements

- Pentium III Processor and above
- 64 MB of RAM
- 15 MB of Free disk space
- Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / VISTA