• How do I get the CD?

• What is inside the CD?

• If the CD is free, why do I need to pay $9.95 for it to be sent to my address?

• How long does it take for the CD to arrive?

Why I couldn't find any clip arts, wallpaper, fonts, etc. in the CD?

• Why am I getting pop ups asking me to purchase?


Q:How do I get the CD ?

If you would like the CD to be sent to you, there will be non-refundable shipping and handling cost of $9.95. Please note that you still need to purchase the product in order to obtain the full version. To purchase, please go to Remember to tick the CD option in the shopping cart and provide complete mailing address.

Q:What is inside the CD?

The CD consists of the products that you have purchasedn and trial/demo versions of other products.

Q: How long does it take for the CD to arrive?

Please allow at least 15 working days for the CD to arrive. If you still have not received the CD after 21 days, the CD may either lost or wrong mailing address may have been given in the online form, either from a typing error or incomplete address. Please note that our mailing labels are automatically generated according to the online form. For more information on our shipping policy please click here.

If you have any other queries, please click here to submit your inquiry and select 'CD Purchase/Shipping'.


To retrieve the bonus, please close the product showcase window which is due to Auto-run. Go to "My Computer" and open the CD-ROM drive. You should be able to locate the respective folders of the above mentioned bonus.


The reason is that you did not enter the registration code when prompted to do so. You need to enter the registration code inside the CD cover in order to unlock the full version. Please uninstall the product, then re-install it back to the system with the registration code entered. Please note that before you uninstall the program, make sure that programs such as Norton Crash Guard are disabled.

If this doesn't resolve your problem, click here


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