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• Application

• Interface

• Preparation

• Quick Setup

• Advance Settings

     - Password Reset

     - Authorization

     - Auto Tracking

     - Voice Surveillance

     - Geo-fence

     - Movement Alert

     - Overspeed Alert

     - IMEI Number

     - SOS

     - Low Battery Alert

     - Changing The System Time Zone

     - Overspeed Alert

Q: Application

*Important notice: Electromagnetic shielding mechanism is one of the major factor that influence GPS signal, things like metal and concrete can easily result in block or weaken signals. Thus this GPS tracker might not function properly indoor, places such as car cargo, large office building,subway station and etc.

TK-102 GPS Tracker is widely used in following instance

1. Mobile Car auto – Tracking (Anti-theft,Logistic tracking and etc.)

2. Person Tracking (Camping,Hiking and etc.)

3. Any other possible purpose you name it.

Q: Interface

1.Power: Turn on/off the GPS Tracker

2.SOS Button: Send emergency SMS to preset number

3.Indicator LED

4.Power/Data Jack: To charge the GPS Tracker or communicate with computer

A standard SIM Slot to fit your SIM card in

Q: Preparation

Before using this GPS Tracker you’ll need:

1. A valid SIM Card Send a test SMS to a mobile phone before you put it into the tracker, make sure you mark down the number, you’ll need it after installation

2. Google Earth (Optional) Google Earth is a good software that helps you to locate the tracker. You can find a copy enclose in the disc come with the tracker,we still recommend to get the latest version from Google , click here to download. However,if you just want to know where the tracker is,you can visit instead.

3. Fully charge the battery

Q: Quick Setup

1. Installation Put your SIM card into the SIM card tray,install the battery,close the back cover. Place it to your desired target(Again,make sure the GPS signal will not be block by any metal or concrete) and turn it on by holding the on/off button for 3sec.

2. Initialization Each GPS Tracker need to be initialized before use,especially if you purchase it from oversea . To Initialize you need to send “begin123456″ as a text message to the tracker (Remeber the number we mark down?),you’ll then received a response message from the GPS Tracker as “begin OK”,this mean you have succesfully initialized the GPS Tracker. (In some cases you might expereience a longer response time to receive the message due to weak signal).

3. Begin to use If you only want the coordinate of the tracker,just make a call to it,the GPS tracker will automatically hangup and send you a message reporting it’s coordinate. Note: The tracker must set to its ”Tracking mode” (It’s the default setting) to report it’s geographic coordiante. Send a message command “tracker123456″ will set the mode into “Tracking mode”. The geographic report will containt its longitude and latitude coordinate as follow:

The first number is the longitude and second number is the latitude. Let’s see an example, if you have coordinate 40.705563,-74.008884 from the GPS Tracker. Then you simple put it into or google earth, you’ll find out the tracker is at somewhere near the wall street,new york.


The Quick setup will show you the basic function of the GPS tracker,and this will cover most important function.

*Important note: Some user not sure about the “+” simble in the user manual,so let’s clarify this here, for example the command is “begin+123456″ it stand for ”begin123456″ there is no space or “+” in between.

1.Password reset
The password is important,because every command you sent to the tracker need to follow with the password. The default password is “123456″ , and you may want to change it once you ready to use, to change the password send a message include “password+old password new password” to the tracker. For example “password123456 567890″ will change your password from “123456″ into “567890″. Note: password must be 6 digits long.

You can authorize 5 different number on the allow list,so they can command the tracker. There is two way to authorize,one is calling the tracker for 10 times with the same number,then this number will automatically became one authorized number. The most convenient way,send a message in the format of “admin+password cell phone number” to the tracker.

Example: Send “admin123456 1234567″ will authorize 1234567 on the allow list.

To remove a number from the allow list then send sms in the format of ”noadmin+password cell phone number”.

Example: Send “noadmin123456 1234567″ will exclude the number 1234567 from the allow list.

If you’re calling the tracker outside your own region(or country) then make sure to place the area code or country in front of the number.

Example: If your tracker is in the United States,and you’re calling the tracker from United Kingdom,then you’ll need to authorize your number as “00441234567″ as the “0044″ is the country code of United Kingdom.

3. Auto Tracking
This GPS have the auto tracking function. The command syntax as follow: “t+time interval+time unit+repeat time+n+password”

This syntax seems a little bit confusing,so let me give few example for you. *Note: In time unit,”s” stand for second,”m” stand for minute and “h” stand for Hours.


Send auto report every 30 seconds,and repeat five times,the command is: “t030s005n123456″

In this example,where 030 is the interval of 30 seconds,the 005 means repeat 5 time,123456 is the password. Time interval and repeat time must be in 3 digits length.

If you want to set the auto tracking to report every 1 hours and repeat 24 times. Then send SMS as “t001h024n123456″.

To cancel auto tracking,send “notn+password”.

4.Voice Surveillance
You can set the tracker into monitor mode,when you call the tracker,the tracker will answer your phone and transfer the voice around the tracker back to you.

To set the tracker into voice surveillance mode (monitor mode),send command:

1“monitor+password” , make sure to set it back to tracker mode once you want it to report geographic info, to set it back to tracker mode send command “tracker+password”.

Geo-fence will help you to restrict the target within a certain preset area. When the target breach the restrict area,you’ll get a message report.

Note: You need to let the tracker stay still for 10 minutes before you send the command to it. The command is “stockade+password latitude1,longitude1;latitude2,longitude2″ The following picture will show you how it works,the restricted area is defined by the two coordinate you set

To cancel the Geo-fence,send command “nostockade+password”.

6. Movement alert
When movement alert is enable,once a movement of the target is detected ( a movement of 200 meter by default),the tracker will send a report to you,and the movement aleart will be disable automatically. To set a movement alert,send command “move+password” , to deactivate the alert,send command “nomove+password”.

7. Overspeed alert
This is a very useful function to monitor if the target is overspeed.

To set the overspeed alert,send command “speed+password speed”.

Example: If you need to set the speed limit to 80km/s then send command “speed123456 080″, the speed must be in 3 digits length,and the speed unit is km/s.

Note: This is a one time alert,the alert will be deactivate once a speed breach is detected.

To cancel the alert,send command “nospeed+password”

8. IMEI number
IMEI stand for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”,it’s a unique number given to the GPS tracker,you can acquire this number by sending the command “imei+password”.

9. SOS
You may already notice there is a SOS button at this tracker. Press the SOS for 3 seconds,it’ll send a SOS message with coordinate to all authorized number every 3 mintues,until a SMS “help me!” is replied to the tracker.

10. Low battery alert
This is an automatically function,the GPS tracker will constantly send you a low battery alert every 30 minutes once the voltage dropped to 3.4v.

11. Changing the system time zone
Command “time zone+password time zone”

Note: time zone is define by UTC time. Click here to find your time zone UTC.

Sample: Send command “time zone123456 -5″ to change the system into New york time.


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