Mini DV Camera



User Manual

• Charging

• Power On/Off

• Taking Videos

• Taking Photos

• Voice Recording

• Motion Detection

• Time & Date Configuration

• Auto Power Off

• Connecting Camera To The Computer


Q: Charging

Please charge the camera if you are using it for the first time.

1.) Connect USB cable to connect the computer USB Port.

2.) Connect USB cable to the camera’s Mini USB socket. A blue light will be flashed simultaneously. When the camera is fully charged, the blue light will stop flashing.

Q: Power On/Off

Please ensure that the micro SD card is inserted before powering on. Otherwise it will be automatically turn off after 15 seconds.

Power on: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and a blue or red light will be lit.

Power off: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

Q: Taking Videos

Press the “REC” button once. A red light will start flashing and the camera will start recording with a blinking red light.

Press the “REC” button again to stop recording.

Image resolution : 720 * 480 frames, 29 ~ 30fps / S.

a. The camera will only accept 16GB and below micro SD cards. b. Saving a video clip needs time. Please do not press “REC” button continuously to avoid errors in the video clip d. When you taking a video, focus on the object and keep 50cm under sufficient illumination.

Q: Taking Photos

Press the “mode” button twice. The camera will enter into camera mode and a blue light will appear.

Press the “REC” button to take a photo.

Image resolution :1280 * 1024


Press the “mode” button 3 times. The camera will enter into voice recording mode and a red & blue light will appear.

Press “REC” button once. The device begins recording and a blue light will start blinking.

Press the “REC” button again to stop recording.

Q: Motion Detection

Place the camera at a desired position. Switch on the camera and press the “MODE” button for 3 seconds. A red & blue light will appear. When the camera detects a moving object, the red light will start to blink and the video will start to record. The camera will stop recording after 120 secs and will remain in standby mode.


Insert Micro SD card, Connect to computer and find a text file " TIME.TXT" in the root directory of card. If file is not found, you can create it using Windows notepad and type the in following sequence (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss).

2013-05-30 23:59:59

Q: Auto Power Off

Mini DV Camera will save file and turn off automatically when:

a. The battery runs out.
b. The Micro SD card disk capacity is full.
c. If the mini DV camera is left idle for 45 seconds.

Q: Connecting Camera To The Computer

Insert USB cable into computer and camera. Your computer will detect the camera as an external USB drive. Your camera’s battery will be charged at the same time when its connected to the computer.

Please copy the video file into your computer before you play.


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