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• What is Pure Radio?

• How is Pure Radio different to Window Media Player and Real Player ?

• What is 'Streaming URL' and how do I find it?

• Why do I keep getting 'Failed to connect' message?

• Does Pure Radio cost anything, if so, how much?

Q: What is Pure Radio?

Pure Radio is a FM/AM Internet Radio Tuner. It plays Radio Stations from around the world. We wanted to design a player that doesn't play MP3, CDs, or any other audio formats except to stream stations from worldwide so that it would be lightweight. Besides many people don't need sophisticated features except to enjoy their favorite radio stations while on line.

Q: How is Pure Radio different to Window Media Player and Real Player?

Pure Radio is light weight and takes up less memory and space than both Windows Media and Real Player. We also add and update our stations constantly so you will always get the best quality stations out there.

Q: What is 'Streaming URL' and how do I find it?

The Streaming URL can sometimes be hard to find. To locate, you may need to look at the source code of some websites. Webpages with links to play the live music will usually hold the streaming URL.

Q: Why do I keep getting 'Failed to Connect' message?

The 'Failed to Connect' comes up due to the following:

a) there was a connection problem;
b) the streaming URL for the station is not valid;
c) the station is not streaming currently.

You should ensure that your Internet connection is properly set up. If it is a problem relating to the station, tell us and we'll fix the station

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Pure Radio is a commercial software and it costs $19.95 per license.
You can purchase your copy from


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