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What's New in Security Booster 2.0

Security Booster 2.0 for Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
New Release!

New! Protect your files with File Protector, featuring military grade encryption/decryption.

New! Identify unsecure ports: Security Booster scans and detects unsecure ports on your PC.

New! View and manage your security tasklist with the Security Checklist Feature. Never miss out anything!

New! Permanently remove files from your harddrive and recycle bin with advanced File Shredder features.

Previous Release Info for Security Booster 1.0

Fully automatic scanning for Security Loopholes in your computer.

Fully automatic one click securing of your privacy.

Secures your privacy from the minute you boot up, to the second you shut down.

Prevents sites from changing your Home Page without your permission.

Erases Windows' secret Index.dat file which tracks your activities on your computer.

Erases Auto Complete URL in Internet Explorer's address bar.

Deletes Windows Temporary Files.

Erases Recent File List.

Deletes Temporary caching of Internet Files.

Deletes Internet Explorer History Logs.

Deletes Cookies.

Frees up tons of space on your Hard Drive that is being occupied by hundreds or even thousands of garbage files and much more.



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