Visual Day Planner




What's New in Visual Day Planner 7.3

Visual Day Planner 7.3 for Microsoft Windows 9.x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Seven
Release Date: Nov 29, 2001

New! Now you can add an alarm to your recurring events to ensure you are notified. 

You can now customize the font color and size in Network mode

Enhancement! When in Network mode, the first character that you press to bring up
the cell will now show up.

Enhancement! We have beefed up the functionlity of the Alarm so you can choose how long to snooze.

Fixed! If a previous alarm was not dismissed, proceeding alarms will not go off,
this is now fixed!

Fixed! Some holidays will not show up in your planner even if entered correctly,
this is now fixed.

Fixed! When you change the color of a word in the month view, all other words in the calendar will turn bold, this is now fixed.

Fixed! Minor bug fixed for Recurring Events



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