Thousands of Endless Possibilities. Endless Of Entertainment.

If you're like most TV users, you probably channel switch TV channels day in, day out. Or bored over shows you don't really like. Wished your TV can be more entertaining than just those regular channels? Have you wondered you can turn your TV into a Smart TV that delivers entertainment beyond TV channels?

Imagine in the next 5 minutes, you can plug in a super media gadget into your TV and instantly, you can freely surf web, watch movies, enjoy new sitcom, play games, upload photos, read email, update your social media and do everything that you can do with your PC, mobile or tablet but with greatest performance on your TV set?

What if you can also connect your mobile phone to this smart gadget and watch your video in large screen TV too?


Watch Any Movie and TV Shows Anytime You Want

Imagine: you are stuck with a local drama you don't like. There is nothing you can do. Instead of hitting to sleep early, what if you can spruce up your TV by downloading new movies and watch to your heart content?

Let us show you how to use your TV to download shows your local station has never played before. Finally, you can say good bye to a "fixed TV channels" and instantly watch as many movies and TV episodes as you want with this amazing gadget! If you want to catch up your video in your mobile phone at home, you can also simply connect your mobile phone to this smart gadget and enjoy in your home TV too!

Enjoy Your Favorite Video in Your TV!

Is there a better way to manage your Youtube video or more without having to load in PC?

What if you can now enjoy a large collection of your favorite video play list in your TV ? Or if you are adventurous, you can explore thousands or more channels of entertaining videos and add to your interest play list with another click?


Enjoy Instant Music in Your TV Without Hitting The CD Store!
It's a comforting weekend, you lied on the bed wishing there is nice music in the background. Instead of getting up and download music in your PC and have them transferred to your phone, what if you can listen to your favorite songs and albums in your TV with a flick of switch? Let this amazing media gadget be your DJ and play music to your ear's liking! No more long hours to download a list of play list!

Play Thousands of Games in HD!
It's weekend and you wanted to hit the beach for family beach game but fear the huge weekend crowds? Wanted to head over to a new shopping mall but run out of car parking space? Or looking for a perfect indoor game?

What can you do indoor for fun family time together? How about a game or two for a good bonding time!

Wouldn't games look more adrenaline and exciting on your TV than on your phone or tablets?
From Angry Birds, bubble fun, puzzle, racing to action packed games, this super media gadget knows exactly how to entertain you and your whole family at the comfort of your home!

Share Photo With Your Friends From Your TV!
Take your favorite moments and share them with friends and family. Either you post it to Facebook, tweet it, or share via email, you can easily flaunt your photo using TV without inviting them to view your photo in a small screen digital camera!

With interactive apps for photos and videos, you are bound to have fun with your family to capture the moment! You can even sync it with your Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Photobucket and many more...!

Channel Your Passion and Lifestyle on TV!
Imagine you can manage your daily interest right on your TV without having to load up your PC.
Say you wake up one morning and need to know the weather and road condition before you head out, instead of checking various sites on your PC for answer, what if you can simply have them delivered on your TV with a click of remote?

Later in the noon, when you are preparing family meals, your smart gadget help you download your family favorite movie in the TV ; by the time your husband and kids are back home, how great it's to watch them over a lovely meal!

Simultaneously, something on the top left corner of your Smart TV is blinking crazily, this amazing gadget informs you instantly of the designer homeware is on sales!

Bored during a long commercial break? No fret, take this time to reply emails, read quick news headline, check out places to go this weekend, share what's happening in facebook, skype with oversea relatives, source for dinner recipe or monitor if there is new exciting deals online!

So much more you can have fun and productivity right in your TV! Imagine how convenience it's to manage your favorite in your big regular TV without the hassle of your PC!

Whether it is monitoring your bet on your favorite sports score, what's up in tonight tv, your next travel destination deals, car prices, coupon savings, music, movie update, weather, TV, latest happenings on town, job recruitment status, games update, wedding dress, cooking recipe to anything you want to keep monitoring of, you can easily assess them right in your TV!

Exactly how do you transform your TV into a Smart TV in Just 2 minutes?

Presents PC in a TV!
Experience Your Favorite Shows, Web and Manage Your Interest Right on Your TV!

PC in a TV is an Android/Google powered gadget that instantly turns your TV to Smart TV. Like the size of your palm, this ultra-powerful smart gadget holds over 675,000 apps that are downloadable with a click!

With huge capacity of apps, you will surely find what you want from Angry Birds, Youtube, Facebook to All Your Favorite Indispensable Apps all running in your TV! Whether you are a news junkie, movie enthusiast, music buff , gamer, social media lover or simply like to surf web, PC in a TV has all apps you want.

Just search, download and use them from your TV!

As well as making it easier to find stuff you love on your existing TV, PC in a TV adds over 50,000 movies and TV episodes on demand, thousands of YouTube channels, apps, & more content all the time. Only PC in a TV is able to provide that fast, instant entertainment right to your TV in town! What's more, you get to catch all HD movies, TV in motion, video, music download, social media, games and all your personal interest at a click of a button - yes, a push of a button is all you need to stay entertained 24/7!

Browse the internet while sitting in your couch, visit YouTube, update your Facebook status or send out a quick Tweet during a commercial is now made possible in your TV!

Whether you use your TV to surf to your heart content, watch your favorite video, stay connected in social media, download books, stay current on breaking news or even use your TV to chat and download more games ......and many more...PC in a TV Has Everything You Can Imagine Right On Your TV!

Here are just a few apps out of the thousands available


No technical knowledge is required.
It's Easy as ABC!
Just Plug and Enjoy!
Just plug in the HDMI cable, your USB mouse or keyboard; connect to the Internet via Wifi and just in minutes you will instantly transform your Regular TV into a Smart TV! Anytime if you wish to turn back to your conventional TV, just click the channel button on the remote control.

With hundreds of thousands of apps in one place, PC in a TV instantly transforms your TV into a Smart TV. Easy to access, easy to search and easy to download, you are guaranteed to be entertained!

Plus, it's so portable, you can plug in any TV in your house or outside for instant access. Bring it on your vacation and watch your movie in the hotel room, on a cruise or anywhere with a TV, plug in and be entertained instantly! No more heavy laptops for your vacations.

Why Your TV Needs PC in a TV?

• Instantly Turn any TV into a Stunning Smart TV
• Unlimited Download and Enjoy Any Movie, Shows and Video!
• Web Surfing, Social Media, Music, Games, Emails, Photo and So Much More!
• Compact and loaded with over 675,000 apps
• Unlimited apps download!
• Fully powered and supported by Android/Google TV technology, trusted by the world
• Easy to use, no technical knowledge is required!
• Intuitive user interface.
• Amazing Value. Unlimited Entertainment And News At An Unbeatable Price!
• Constantly receive the latest version of apps update and release
• Spruce up endless entertainment with a remote control click
• No Ads or Spyware!
• No Recurring charges ever! Just one time fee!


You can also connect your mobile phone to this smart gadget and watch your video in large screen TV!

Instantly Turn Your TV into Smart TV At Amazing Value Without Expensive Upgrade or Buy New TV!

So How Much Does PC in a TV Cost?
Order Today, & Get This Amazing Device At An Amazing Special Online Price Of Only $199.95

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More than 1 billion users are already enjoying the fantastic variety and value offered by the Android system. Impress your guests with the 675,000 empowered super media gadget that provides endless hours of entertainment!

Hurry! Purchase PC in a TV for Just $99.95 and transform your TV into Super Smart TV without the need to buy another $3000+ Smart TV or Desktop PC.


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PC in a TV comes with a NO RISK Love-It-or-Leave-It 60 Day Guarantee. Usually, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. But we'll like to give you ample time to try out PC in a TV so that you know it really works to spruce up your TV entertainment! So, we are extending this risk free guarantee by an additional 30 Days to 60 Days Return Guarantee! Moreover, you get to keep another new bonus below even if you choose to return it for whatever reason. You get ALL the benefits!

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