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Charles Duckworth, July 10, 2011

I want to thank you and you company for the quick reply and solution to my problem, I appreciate how easy it was to download and once again have two features that I enjoy having on my computer.

Ralph Kaye, June 17, 2011
"Solved my problems"

I purchased PC Booster and Security Booster because I was having computer problems. The programs work very well and I have solved a majority of my problems.

Colleen Marsinko, May 13, 2011

I purchased the Pc Booster and the Modem Booster and unfortunately had to restore my computer and had lost both and would like to restore them. In addition when I had them I was really impressed with how well they worked. Thank you.

Mark Stanish, April 2, 2011
"Give me the next version"

I originally purchased PC booster a couple years ago and have been very pleased with it. I am I'm interested in upgrading.

Manuel Guillèn, Feburary 2, 2011
"Give me the next version"

Thank you, I am again on the speed lane. Also I have to congratulate the company for its excellent customer service.

Joseph Holmes, Janurary 30, 2011
"Keeps my computer running properly"

I have to delete my computer again and lost PC Booster that I had previously installed on my computer. How do I reload it as I need this software in order to keep my computer running properly?

Bruce A. Roberts, November 22, 2010
"Dramatic improvements"

I have received, downloaded, and installed both PC and Modem Booster. Excellent products. Both my PC and Modem's performances have improved dramatically.

Igor Bushok, August 20, 2010
"Goodbye to other programs"

I have PC Booster, Modem Booster, Security Booster and other good programs from inKline Global. Personally I have said goodbye to many other programs and prefer to use software from inKline Global! It not flattery. You deserve the highest rating!

Terri Fowler, August 13, 2010
"Simply great"

All my pc friends think your program is so great, and my Mac pals wish they had a product similar to the booster program.

Michael Bratcher, July 26, 2010
"Computer Running Like Brand New Again"

I just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know how the downloads for the Modem and PC Boosters worked. First I ran the Modem Booster. It took about 20-25 minutes for the program to run. I was really surprised about the improvements. When I saw the results, I was glad that I bought your programs. After it rebooted the system, I went to the PC booster. After it was installed, I was surprised again. It showed the results and again I was glad. So now this computer is the best and safest to surf the web without any fear of crashes or slow travel time between web sites. It is now running like it did back in nov.2003 when it was first hooked up to the net. Thanks again so much for all your services and being out there for all of us web browsers!!!!!

Jan Mark, July 26, 2010
"Good job"

From what I have seen PC Booster seems to do a good job. I like the Free Ram button.

Henry Nichols, July 21, 2010
"Good job"

I also wish to comment on my results from PC Booster. It has absolutely solved some serious problems I was having with the speed of a new computer. I've recommended the program to others at our firm and you may get another customer. Again, thank you very much.

Tom Marchido, July 27, 2010
"Easy to Use"

You have a great product and it's easy to use.

Gardner Harris, June 24, 2010
"Easy to Use"

I have ordered and downloaded the two Booster files. I am very grateful to have them after seeing the excellent results made in an "ancient" IBM laptop running Win95 OSR2. Thanks to your firm for its excellent work.

James Mustian, Apr 7, 2010
"Great Stuff"
I have built & repaired many a computer and I just completed a P4 3.0 GB with HT technology and 800 FBS with matching 1024 800 bus Ram, 120 GB HD, super coolers. 4 IDE and 4 Raid and the best of everything you can get, and your PC Booster made it increase HD speed by over 500%. I really didn't believe the claims but I bought it for another PC and decided to try it out on this one. I thought I knew a lot about tweaking but your product did it better and faster. "WAY TO GO AND THANKS."

Reanie Walters, Mar 16, 2010
"Simply Amazing"
I am very pleased with PC Booster. It is an amazing program.

John Owen, December 23, 2009
"Great results"
I don't often have cause to write to product suppliers but PC Booster is worth a few minutes of anyone’s time. I have gone from despair to being a happy bunny in just a few days. Prior to adding PCB to my old computer could hardly stand up without falling down, now 4 days goes by without a single glitch. $30 well spent.

Lew Twist, November 30, 2009
"Speed Up Your PC"
The product does what it's advertised to do.

James Alexander, November 1, 2009
"Increase in download speed"
When I bought the Modem Booster and PC Optimizer and installed it, it more than doubled my speed. It was only 10 kbps slower than ISDN. Text and pictures loaded almost immediately. It was great.

Eldridge Currie, October 7, 2009
"Money Saver "
PC Booster did all you say it does and saved me from installing more RAM or a new computer.

Annette Morris, Jul 13, 2009
"Like DSL"
I believe that Modem Booster is one of the best programs to come on the market. My modem is much faster now, thanks to you.

Claudia Paris, Sep 19, 2009
"It lives up to all your claims"
Since I installed this program and I just used it for the first time I find it very user friendly and it DID speed up my computer considerably. My computer was locking up even when I boot up and now it boots up fast.

Ron Belliveau, Sep 25, 2009
"Made my PC more stable"
I followed your instructions for the upgrade and the new version of PC Booster is working very well. It has not slowed my machine or "taken over" the CPU. The floating bar for reclaiming memory is great.

Wroten Alton, Sep 1, 2009
"I love it"
After downloading Microsoft's Tweak UI, I purchased PC Booster fully anticipating a need to collect on the money back guarantee. WOW! I'm very pleased with the performance of your product. I thought I had "tweaked" my computer to perform rather well with limited hardware (1.8 Gig Pentium processor & 256RAM) PC Booster has greatly improved the speed of my surfing -especially site-to-site on my server's (roadrunner) services and news to weather etc. Again, I'm very pleased. Cost-to-benefit ratio is fantastic. Thanks!!!

Patrick, Feb 2, 2009
"Incredible Speed"
Thanks for your quick response to my e-mail, my system is up in working well an the PC Booster is performing quite well, I can see a tremendous change in my computer while searching online.

Dave Updegraff, Jan 23, 2009
"It can boost your speed"
Thank you, my pc is now running better than it ever has before (like new, but faster).

Jean-Yves Delpechm, Jan 11, 2009
"Increased Surfing Speed "
PC Booster has greatly improved my PC, and this update was absolutely necessary. This tool is perhaps the most powerful available on the Net!

Alan J Buoey, Sep 26, 2008 
I did as you suggested regarding the ISP address, the results were as follows: Extreme performance 51%. Average performance 12%. Best of the best performance 14%. Thank you so much for your help.

Garry & Chris Greenhaw, Dec 24, 2008
I used the tutorial prompts on the website to successfully run both programs. It's bedtime, but with just a few clicks on a few different Internet sites I'm able to see an improvement in my connection.

Christine Sankwich, January 23, 2008
"I Love Modem Booster!"

I'm impressed at how fast the Modem Booster is working.

John McRae, Nov 14, 2007
"It really works!"
I just wanted someone in your company to know that I think that PC Booster is the most value for price and beneficial utility I have ever purchased. Due to Windows becoming unstable, I had to reformat my hard drive, and reload all of my software. No matter what I did, my computer operated very sluggishly. I did an Auto-tune, and I cannot believe how fast my computer is operating, I have never seen it operate this fast before, and I didn't have to do one thing except use the Auto-tune facility. Thank you for making such a user friendly piece of software.

Lynn W Bishop Jr., Dec 30, 2007
"Great performance increase"
The PC Booster - it works just great! The Auto-Memory recovery has made other peripheral applications like 'Tweak-All' unnecessary. Thanks for a fine product and thank you especially for your superb customer support. I shall not hesitate to recommend your software to associates.

Robin Brown, Oct 25, 2007
"Unmatched Memory Optimizer"
I freed 250mb of RAM in 2 minutes! can do my work in peace without the slow downs.

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