ZDnet 5-star Editors' Pick
Tucows 5 Cow Rating
New York Times
C|Net Power Downloader's Pick
SoftSeek pic
Softseek Review of VCP
PC Club Aid Specialist
Icon Shareware 5 Star Editors Pick Award
Icon Shareware 5 Star Editors' Pick Award!
APCmag pic
Review from Australian Personal Computer Magazine
HomePC Pic
Review from HomePC
WindowsSources pic
Window Sources Magazine Feature by Preston Gralla
File Transit 5 Star Rating!
WinMag.com's WinList
5 Star Shareware
5Star Shareware Award!
WindowsWorld pic
Review from Japan 
Wugnet Compuserve Forum Pick of the Week for July 12/98
Wugnet Compuserve Forum Pick!
Textus pic
Review of VCP 4.1 with screen shot
Simply The Best Silver Award!
Simply The Best Silver Award!
PRN pic
Program One Radio Show Review
Paul's Pick
Power Downloader pic
C|net Power Downloader's best weekly pick
Qweas.com Software
Download and Review
BizProWeb-Pick of the Day!
BizProWeb-Pick of the Day!

Free PC Repair Doctor download
Download PC Repair Doctor from the best download software source
Download new PC Repair Doctor

Other Awards

[We Love People & The Earth] 1,000 copies of Visual Day Planner installed in Sanyo's new MPX series PCs in summer '96.
duJour We sponsored 240 copies of Stay Connected!, Visual Calendar Planner and Visual Day Planner to dujour.com as prizes
WUGNET on CompuServe
WUGNET on CompuServe Shareware Pick of the Week for May 28, 1996 for Visual Day Planner November 10, 1996 for Stay Connected! January 27, 1997 for Go-Get-It July 12, 1998 for Visual Day Planner September 27, 1998 for Visual Calendar Planner October 4, 1998 for Redbox Organizer December 13, 1998 for Redbox Organizer

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