Our company policy has always been to be the innovator in the industry. For the new
millennium, inKline Global, Inc. plans to develop and release new and a wider array
of quality products and business services.

Our customers come from more than hundred and thirty countries around the world
from the United States, Australia, Germany, Kenya to French Polynesia and Bolivia.Therefore,
providing first-class quality customer service is part of the raison d'être of the company.


inKline Global is proud to be recognized by industry peers to be a leader in the development
of quality products and customer service. As a testament, inKline Global, Inc was
voted Developer of the Week by

inKline has managed to maintain a level of quality that is the envy of larger and smaller
companies alike. In some cases, their products represent the definitive treatment of an
already popularized program concept. In others, inKline's products are the babies of
"the inKline think-tank", exemplary for their originality and the power they bring to the
hands of the average home user. Joe Surfer has never had it so good! With the promise
of further quality products and the continued growth of the already substantial support that
they offer, inKline look set to continue enlarging the circulation of their products beyond the
130 countries that already contain loyal and satisfied users." editor.


InKline Global's products continue to win awards, receive recommendations and praises from respected
edtiors around the world. Awards honored include 5-stars from CNET, Editor's Choice
from PC Magazine, 5-cows from Tucows, and many more.

For a list of awards received by inKline Global please click here.Kenya to French Polynesia and Bolivia.
Therefore, providing first-class quality customer service is part of the raison d'être of the company.


inKline Global has been expanding its PC Booster and PCshowbuzz distribution reach by partnering
with leading retailers across world, including:


Consumer & Small Business Markets

We deliver world standard online and retail solutions designed to secure, protect and optimize
consumers' computers and small business users. We are constantly reaching to partner with world-class companies with similar values to expand our business together.

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Other Awards

[We Love People & The Earth] 1,000 copies of Visual Day Planner installed in Sanyo's new MPX series PCs in summer '96.
We sponsored 240 copies of Stay Connected!, Visual Calendar Planner and Visual Day Planner to as prizes
WUGNET on CompuServe Shareware Pick of the Week for May 28, 1996 for Visual Day Planner November 10, 1996 for Stay Connected! January 27, 1997 for Go-Get-It July 12, 1998 for Visual Day Planner September 27, 1998 for Visual Calendar Planner October 4, 1998 for Redbox Organizer December 13, 1998 for Redbox Organizer


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