File Extension Listing for "C"

CSite configuration for Secure Remote (CheckPoint VPN)
C--Sphinx C-- Source code
C00Ventura Publisher Print file
C01Typhoon wave
C86Computer Innovation (C86) Source code
CATelnet Server Initial cache data file
CABMicrosoft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)
CACdBase IV Executable file
CACHEShared Cache file
CADAutoCAD drawing database file
CAGCatalog file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 2.x,3.x,4.x)
CALSuperCalc 4/5 Spreadsheet
CAMCasio camera file
CANNavigator Fax
CAPCompressed music file
CARAtHome assistant file
CASComma-delimited ASCII file
CATdBase Catalogue file
CBMicrosoft clean boot file
CBCCubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System file
CBFVietcong (game) Pterodon big file
CBIColumn binary file (used in IBM mainframe systems)
CBLCobol Source code
CBMXLib Compiled Bitmap
CBRComic book or paperback RAR file (decompress with RAR utility)
CBTGeneric Computer based training file
CBZComic book or paperback ZIP file (decompress with WinZip or similar program)
CCC++ Source code
CC3Close Combat 3 file
CCAcc:mail archive file
CCBVisual Basic Animated Button configuration file
CCCCurtain Call Native bitmap graphic
CCDElaborate Bytes Clone CD mapfile for creating and reading .img files
CCEData file (Calendar Creator Plus)
CCFSymphony Communications Configuration file
CCHCorel Chart
CCLIntalk Communication Command Language
CCMLotus CC:Mail "box" file (for example, INBOX.CCM)
CCOXBTX Graphics
CCTMacromedia Director Shockwave cast file
CDACD Audio Track
CDBCardScan Database (CardScan)
CDFNetcdf Graphic file
CDFSCompact Disk filing system
CDIPhillips Compact Disk Interactive file
CDKAtari Calamus Document
CDMVisual dBASE custom data module
CDRRaw Audio-CD data file
CDTCorelDraw Data file
CDXMicrosoft's Visual Foxpro index
CEThe FarSide Computer Calendar Main CE file
CEFCruzer encrypted file (used to secure files on Cruzer USB flash drives)
CEGTempra Show Bitmap graphic
CELAutoDesk Animator Cel Image
CERCertificate file (MIME x-x509-ca-cert)
CEXCaddie Exchange file
CFImake Configurtion file
CFBComptons Multimedia file
CFGConfiguration file
CFLCorelFLOW Chart
CFMVisual dBASE Windows customer form
CFNAtari Calamus Font data file
CFOTCU Turbo C Utilities C form object
CFPThe Complete Fax Portable fax file
CGAVentura Publisher Display font file
CGICommon gateway interface script
CGMComputer Graphic Metafile
CHClipper 5 Header
CH3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart
CH4Charisma 4.0 Presentation
CHDFontChameleon Font descriptor
CHFpcAnywhere remote control file
CHIChiWriter Document
CHKWordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
CHLConfiguration History Log
CHMCompiled HTML file
CHNEthnograph Data file
CHPVentura Publisher Chapter file
CHRCharacter Sets (Borland)
CHTHarvard Graphics Vector file
CIFEasy CD Creator image
CILClip Gallery download package file
CIMSim City 2000 file
CINKodak Cineon Bitmap file
CIXTCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
CK1iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data
CK2iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data
CK3iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data
CK4iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data
CK5iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data
CK6iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data
CKBBorland C++ Keyboard mapping file
CKFCasio Keyboard File
CLGeneric LISP Source code
CL3Layout file (Adaptec Easy CD Creator)
CLASSJava class
CLCTI-83 Plus Flash Debugger file
CLGWindows Catalog file
CLLCricket Software Clicker File
CLOCloe Image
CLPQuattro Pro Clip art
CLRPhotStyler Color defintion
CLSC++ Class Definition
CLXMacro ToolsWorks Macro file
CMCraftman Data
CMADatabase file in plain text format (APPLIX TM1)
CMDDOS CP/M command file
CMFCorel Metafile
CMGChessmaster saved game
CMKCard Shop Plus file
CMMCEnvi Batch file
CMPAddress document
CMRMediaPlayer Movie
CMVCorel Move animation
CMXCorel Presentation Exchange image
CMYKRaw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black bytes file
CNCClick 'N Create General Program data
CNFConfiguration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other applications with varying internal formats
CNMWindows application menu options and setup file
CNQCompuworks Design Shop file
CNTWindows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes
CNVWordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
CNVConversion files (WS_FTP Pro) files that will be converted from (Example) "HTML-"HTM" for upload
COBCOBOL Source code
COBtrueSpace 2 object
CODFORTRAN Compiled code
CODdBase Application Generator Template source file
COEXilinx coefficient
COLMicrosoft Multiplan Spreadsheet
COMCommand file (program)
CONSimdir Configuration file
CPCryptoPad.NET Encrypted document
CP8CP8 256 Gray Scale image
CPDFax Cover document
CPEFax Cover document
CPFThe Complete Fax (Fax file)
CPHImage file (Corel Print House) see CPO
CPIColorLab Processed Image bitmap
CPJCeQuadrant CD Project
CPLCompel Presentation
CPMTurbo Pascal DOS file
CPMZUsed to exchange project data between Miradi and ConPro
CPOImage file (Corel Print Office)
CPPCA-Cricket Presents presentation
CPRCorel Presents presentation
CPSColoured postscript
CPTMacintosh Compressed Archive
CPXCorel Presentation Exchange compressed drawing
CPYData file (Copy Books)
CRCCyclical Redundancy Check checksum file
CRDMicrosoft Windows 3.x Cardfile
CRFZortech C++ cross-reference
CRHImage file (Microsoft Golf)
CRPVisual dBASE custom report
CRSWordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion resource
CRTOracle Terminal settings information
CRUCRUSH Compressed archive
CS1Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
CS16Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
CS4Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
CSAComma deliminated text
CSCCorel script file
CSGStatistica/w Graph file
CSHC shell script files (Hamilton Labs)
CSMScript file (Kodak Dc265 Camera)
CSOCustomer service data and outcome file
CSPPC Emcee On-Screen image
CSSStatistica/w Datasheet
CSTMacromedia Director "Cast" (resource) file
CSVCompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA Palette
CTA graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor
CTBAutoCAD Color-dependent Plot Style Table
CTCPC Installer Control
CTFSymphony Character code translation
CTL dBase IV Control
CTX Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Ciphertext file
CUE CDRWin (and others) Description File for a CD-Image
CUL Cursor library file (IconForge)
CUR Windows Cursor
CURSOR Sun Microsystems Cursor
CUT Dr. Halo Bitmap
CV Microsoft CodeView information screen
CVG Image
CVS Canvas drawing file
CWK Claris Works data
CWS Claris Works template
CXT Macromedia Director protected (not editable) "Cast" (resource) file
CXX C++ source code
CZIP Encrypted Zip File

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