File Extension Listing for "D"

D2D2D/3D object file (3-D Fassade Plus)
D64Commodore 64 emulator disk image
DAAPowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
DAFDigital Anchor data file, a secure database file for the Digital Anchor Database Engine
DAOWindows Registry Backup
DAPData access page (Microsoft Access 2000)
DARDVD Architect File
DATA data file extension used to designate an error message in a inbound internet email message (Microsoft Exchange Server v 5.0)
DBMicrosoft Access database file
DBCMicrosoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
DBFEnable database (can be opened with Excel 97)
DBKSchematic backup file (Orcad Schematic Capture)
DBOCompiled program file (dBase IV)
DBQParadox Memo
DBSMicrosoft Word printer description file
DBTdBase Text Memo
DBVMemo field file (Flexfile 2)
DBWMicrosoft Windows 9.x Database file (DataBoss)
DBXOutlook Express mail folder
DCCAD file (DesignCAD)
DC2CAD file (DesignCAD)
DC5DataCAD Drawing
DCAVisual Basic Active designer cache
DCFDRM content format
DCIMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (image and data)
DCLAutoCAD Dialog Control Language Description file
DCMDCM module
DCPData CodePage (OS/2)
DCRShockwave file
DCSBitmap Graphics (Quark XPress)
DCTDatabase Dictionary file (Clarion Database Developer)
DCUDelphi compiled unit
DCXFax image (based on PCX)
DDCompressed Archive (Macintosh DISKDOUBLER)
DDBBitmap Graphics file
DDFBtrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition File
DDIFDigital Equipment or Compaq file. Used for storing images and their word processing documents
DDPDevice Driver Profile (OS/2)
DEBDebug Script (DOS Debug)
DEFDefine Module file (3-D Fassade Plus)
DEFIOracle 7 de-install script
DEMA file with USGS standards for Digital Elevation Models (Vista Pro)
DEPVisual Basic Setup Wizard Dependency file
DERCertificate file
DEVDevice Driver
DEWFMacintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument file
DEZEncrypted zip file (DES Encryption)
DFDData Flow Diagram Graphic (Prosa)
DFIOutline Font description (Digifont)
DFLDefault Program Settings (Signature)
DFMData Flow Diagram model (Prosa)
DFSSound File (Delight)
DFVPrinting Form value (Microsoft Word)
DGNMicrostation95 CAD drawing
DGSDiagnostics Report
DHDependency Information file (Geoworks)
DHPGraphic file (Dr. Halo II-III PIC Format)
DHSShadowgrounds Savegame File
DHTDatafile (Gauss)
DIAMicrosoft Sharepoint temporary file
DIBDevice-independent bitmap
DICDictionary file (Lotus Notes, Domino)
DICDictionary file
DICMDigital imaging and communications in medicine file (DICOM)
DIFDatabase file (VisiCalc)
DIFData Interchange Format spreadsheet
DIGSound Designer I audio
DIPGraphics file
DIRDialing Directory (ProComm Plus)
DISDistribution file (VAX Mail)
DIZDescription file (Description in ZIP)
DJSNASCAR Thunder game music file
DJVUDjVu compressed image file
DKBGraphics file (Ray Traced DKBTrace)
DLDDatafile (Lotus 1-2-3)
DLGC++ Dialogue Script
DLLExport/Import Filter (CorelDraw)
DLSInteractive music architecture (IMA)(Microsoft),(Blood2)
DLSDownloadable sound
DMDVisual dBASE data module
DMFX-Trakker music module (MOD)
DMGMacintosh disk image file (copy of contents of a hard disk or CD)
DMODemo file (Derive)
DMPDump file (Screen or Memory)
DMSCompressed Archive (Amiga DISKMASHER)
DOBVisual Basic User document
DOCWordStar document
DOGScreen Saver file (Laughing Dog Screen Saver)
DOHDependency Information file (Geoworks)
DOSNetwork Driver file (PKT_DIS.dos)
DOTLine-Type definition (CorelDraw)
DOXText file (MultiMate 4.x)
DOZDescription out of Zip (VENDINFO)
DPDatafile (DataPhile)
DPLBorland Delphi 3 packed library
DPRProject header (Borland C++)
DPTPublication file (Publish-It!)
DR9Directory file
DRADragon NaturallySpeaking file
DRAWAcorn's object-based vector image
DRCDesign rules check report file (Orcad Schematic Capture)
DRGMotion Software Dyno2000 Car Design
DRSDisplay Resource file (WordPerfect for Windows)
DRVDevice Driver (Required to make a device function)
DRWLotus Freelance image
DRWPro/E drawing
DRWCaddie CAD drawing
DS4Vector Graphics (Micrografx)
DSCDiscard file (Oracle)
DSDDatabase file (DataShaper)
DSFMicrografx Designer v7.x file
DSGDooM saved game
DSKDriver file (Novell Netware)
DSMDigital Sound Module (DSI)
DSNDesign (Object System Designer)
DSPDisplay parameters (Signature)
DSRDriver Resource (WordPerfect for Windows)
DSRVisual Basic Active designer file
DSSDigital Sound file (Digital Soup))
DSTEmbroidery machines graphic file
DSWMicrosoft Developer Studio workspace file
DSXVisual Basic Active designer binary file
DT_Data file fork (Macintosh)
DTADatafile (Turbo C++)
DTD|SGML Document Type Definition (DTD) file
DTEDDigital terrain elevation data (geographic data format)
DTFSymantec Q&A relational database
DTMModule file (DigiTrakker)
DTPText Document (Timeworks Publisher 3.x)
DTPDesktop layout file (Publish-iT)
DUNMicrosoft Dial-up Networking Export file
DUPDuplicate Backup
DUSReadiris font dictionary
DVDigital video (MIME)
DVCDatafile (Lotus 1-2-3)
DVFGraphics file associated with camcorders (DV Studio)
DVIDevice Independent Document (TeX) (LaTeX)
DVPDevice parameter file (AutoCAD)
DW2Drawing file (DesignCAD for Windows)
DWCCompressed Archive (DWC)
DWDDiamondWare digitized file
DWFDrawing Web file (Microsoft WHIP autoCAD reader)
DWGAutoCAD drawing, or older Generic CAD drawing file
DWHExpress Tools log file
DWIStepfile format for Dance Dance Revolution simulator
DWPDocument file (DeScribe)
DWSWorkspace file (Dyadic)
DWTDreamweaver Web Page Template
DXDigital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data exchange file
DXBAutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format file
DXFDrawing Interchange Format (AutoCAD)
DXNFax document (Fujitsu dexNet)
DXRMacromedia Director protected (not editable) movie file
DYNDatafile (Lotus 1-2-3)

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