File Extension Listing for "G"

GData chart (APPLAUSE)
G721Raw CCITT G.721 //$bit ADPCM data
G723Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM data
G8Raw Graphics (one byte per pixel) Plane III (PicLab)
GALAlbum (Corel Multimedia Manager)
GAMFax document (GammaFax)
GBEmulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)
GBCColor emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)
GBLGlobal file
GBMGenie Backup Manager file
GC1Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
GC3Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
GCDGeneric (TM) CADD drawing (earlier versions)
GCPImage processing file (Ground Control Point)
GDBDatabase file (InterBase)
GDFDictionary file (GEOS)
GDMBells, whistles, and sound boards module
GEDGraphic Environment Document (drawing)
GEMVector graphics (Ventura Publisher)
GENCompiled template (dBase Application Generator)
GEOGeode (Geoworks)
GetRightUnfinished-Download (GetRight)
GFBCompressed gif image (GIFBLAST)
GFIGraphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GFTFont (NeoPaint)
GFXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GHOSymantec ghost image file
GHSSymantec ghost segment file (automatically spanning files over 2 GB in size)
GIBChart (Graph-in-the-Box)
GIDWindows 95 global index (containing help status)
GIFBitmap (CompuServe)
GIMGraphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GIWPresentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)
GIXGraphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GKHEnsoniq EPS family disk image
GKSGripKey document (Gravis)
GLAnimation file (GRASP graphical System for Presentation)
GLBMicrosoft Exchange Server resynchronization file
GLBTextured 3-D scene file format
GLMDatafile (Glim)
GLSDatafile (Across)
GLYGlossary (Microsoft Word)
GMPTile map (Geomorph) (SPX)
GMRGraphical monitor record (Schlafhorst Automation)
GNAGraphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GNOGenealogy document file (Genopro)
GNTGenerated executable code (Micro Focus)
GNXGraphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GOCGoc sorce code (Geoworks)
GOHGoc header (Geoworks)
GPGeode parameter file (Geoworks Glue)
GP3Guitar Pro 3 file
GPHGraph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
GPKProgram package (Omnigo)
GPPGraph paper application file (GraphPap) (Generates graph paper)
GPXGPS eXchange Format file
GR2Screen driver (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
GRADatafile (SigmaPlot)
GRBShell Monitor (MS-DOS v5.0)
GRDImage processing grid file (CHIPS)
GRFGraph (Charisma Graph Plus)
GRMVISUAL EPR Input Data for FIntGraf
GRPPictures group (PixBase)
GRYRaw graphic (GREY)
GS1Presentation (GraphShow)
GSDVector graphic (Professional Draw)
GSMAudio stream Raw 'byte aligned (GSM 6.10 audio stream)
GSPZip file (Gnuzip) (Allows for output to html)
GSWWorksheet (GraphShow)
GT2Music module (Graoumftracker) (new) (MOD)
GTHIBM Gatherer file
GTKMusic module (Graoumftracker) (old) (MOD)
GUPData (PopMail)
GVLRCL Software Gravel (astronomy simulator) file
GVPGoogle Video Pointer
GWINovell GroupWise file
GWPGreetings WorkShop (now Microsoft Picture It) file
GWXGraphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GWZGraphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GXLGraphics library (Genus)
GZCompressed file (Unix gzip)

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