File Extension Listing for "H"

HProgram header (C)
H--Header file (Sphinx C--)
H!On-line Help (Flambeaux Help!)
H++Header file (C++)
HACompressed archive (HA)
HAMVector graphics saved file (Amiga)
HAPCompressed archive (HA)
HBIHandy Backup file
HBKAccounting data file (Humanic Software)
HCMConfiguration file (IBM HCM)
HCOMSound Tools file (HCOM)
HCRProduction configuration file (IBM HCD/HCM)
HCVMHypercosm's Teleporter file for navigable 3D models
HDFHelp file (Help development kit)
HDLAlternate download listing (ProComm Plus)
HDRDatafile (Egret)
HDWVector graphics (Harvard Draw)
HDXHelp index (Zortech C++)
HEDDocument (HighEdit)
HELHellbender saved game (Microsoft)
HEXMacintosh BinHex 2.0 file
HFIHP font info (GEM)
HGLDrawing file (HP Graphics Language)
HHHeader file (C++)
HHFHand Held file. Used by utilities to read meter data.
HHHPrecompiled header (Power C)
HHPHelp information for remote users (ProComm Plus)
HITAudio file (HitPlayer)
HIVTiANWEi RegShot Registry Hive File
HLBHelp library (VAX)
HLPWindows Help file
HMIHuman machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)
HMMAlternate mail read option menu (ProComm Plus)
HMPHuman machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)
HNCProgram files (CNC)
HOGMission file (Descent 1-2)
HOTDocument file for eFax Manager (formerly HotSend)
HP8Ascii text Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)
HPCFont language file (Hewlett-Packard)
HPFPartial download file (HotLine)
HPGHPGL Plotter vector graphics (Harvard Graphics)
HPIFont information (GEM)
HPJHelp Project file (Visual Basic)
HPKCompressed archive (HPACK)
HPMAlternative menu for privileged users (ProComm Plus)
HPPHeader file (Zortech C++)
HQXBinHex (Macintosh 4.0)
HRFRastor graphic (Hitachi)
HRMAlternate menu for limited users (ProComm Plus)
HS2Monochrome image (Postering)
HSCFM synthesized music file (Used by many old games, e.g.:FINTRIS, ROL)
HSIGraphic (Handmade Software, Inc.)
HSKHuskey Truss & Building Supply file type created for import function to point-of-sale program.
HSTHistory file (ProComm Plus)
HTHyperTerminal file
HTAHTML executable file
HTCHTML Component
HTMA Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)
HTMLA Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)
HTTHypertext template (Microsoft)
HTXTemplate (Extended HTML)
HWDPresentation (Hollywood)
HWPKorean word processor document format (HanGul)
HXMAlternate protocal selection menu (ProComm Plus)
HXXHeader file (C++)
HY1Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)
HY2Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)
HYCDatafile (WordPerfect for Windows)
HYDHyphenation dictionary (WordPerfect for Windows)
HYM3D Image binary file (Hymarc Scandata Scanner)
HYPCompressed archive (HYPER)

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