File Extension Listing for "J"

J62Ricoh camera format file
JADJava Application Descriptor file
JARJava ARchive (a compressed file containing a package of Java application-related files)
JASGraphic (Generic)
JAVASource code (Java)
JBDDatafile (SigmaScan)
JBFImage browser file (Paint Shop Pro)
JBXProject file (Project Scheduler 4.0)
JCPJava Community Process file
JCWJava Callable Wrapper file
JDFJob Description File (proposed XML-based standard for end-to-end job ticket specification)
JMGLaservision projection graphics file
JMPDiscovery chart-to-statistics (SAS JMP)
JN1Jill of the Jungle data (Epic MegaGames)
JNBWorkbook file (Sigma Plot 5)
JNTMicrosoft Windows Journal notes
JOBVector graphics file created by conversion of a IMG file (QuestVision)
JORJournal (Microsoft SQL Server)
JOUJournal backup (VAX Edt editor)
JPCGraphic (Japan PIC)
JPEGJPEG compressed bitmap
JPGJPEG bitmap
JPG2JPEG 2000 image (bitmap) file
JSJavaScript source code
JSDJet Suite document (eFAX)
JSMGray Design Associates Jigsaws Galore Jigsaw File
JSPA HTML page containing a reference to a Java servlet
JTOpen CAD file
JTFFax document (Hayes JT Fax)
JTKJava ToolKit file (Sun Microsystems)
JTPWindows Journal templates
JWText document (JustWrite)
JWLLibrary (JustWrite)
JXXC++ Header File
JZZSpreadsheet (Jazz)

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