File Extension Listing for "L"

LSource code (Lisp)
LABLabel file (Visual dBase)
LANLoadable module (LAN DLL) (NetWare)
LAWElectronic form file from eLaw Publishing.
LAYClipart file (Printmaster Gold)
LBGLabel generator data (dBase IV)
LBLLabel (Clipper 5)
LBMLinear Bitmap graphics (XLib)
LBOCompiled label (dBase IV)
LBRDisplay driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
LBTLabels (Microsoft FoxPro)
LBXLabels (Microsoft FoxPro)
LCFLinker control file (Norton Guides compiler)
LCHUsed in a program (unknown) that monitors a network's response time
LCKLockfile (Paradox)
LCLDatafile (FTP)
LCNLection document (WordPerfect for Windows)
LCSData History file (ACT!)
LCTLoader Control File In Oracle Applications Environment
LCWSpreadsheet (Lucid 3-D)
LDLong distance area codes file (Telix)
LD1Overlay file (dBase)
LDBLock file (Microsoft Access)
LDFLibrary definition file (Geoworks Glue)
LDFMicrosoft SQL Server log file
LDLLibrary (Corel Paradox)
LDSLOUDNESS Sound System File
LDTLoader Data File in Oracle Applications Environment
LEGLegacy document
LEMONRenamed RAR compressed archive file
LESSystem game profiles (same as REG file) (Logitec Entertainment)
LETGenesis 2000 mortgage application file
LETLetter (generic)
LETUnknown photo image
LETBroderbund CreataCard Letterhead file
LEVLevel file (NetHack 3.x)
LEXAdobe Linguistic Library data file
LFDData resource file (LucasArts Dark Forces)
LFPLaserForms Plus file (Evergreen)
LFTLaser printer font (ChiWriter)
LGLogo procedure definition (LSRHS Logo)
LGCApplication log file
LGDApplication log file
LGOHeader and footer logo (SuperFax)
LHACompressed Archive (LHA/LHARC)
LHWCompressed Amiga archive (LHWARP)
LIBLibrary file (Generic)
LIFCompressed archive (Generic)
LIMCompressed archive (LIMIT)
LINInteractive music sequencing data file (Electronic Arts)
LISListing (VAX)
LITeBook file for Microsoft Reader
LIXLogos library system file
LJText file (Hewlett-Packard LaseJet II printer)
LKDatabase file (OpenSight-16 bit)
LKOLinked object (Microsoft Outlook Express Junkmail file)
LL3Document file (LapLink III)
LLXExchange agent (Laplink)
LNKLinker response file (RTLink)
LNKShortcut file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
LNTLiveNote Transcript file
LODLoad file (Generic)
LOGLog file (Generic)
LOKCompressed file (FileWrangler)
LPA document reader used for downloading mortgage closing information (DesertDocs)
LPCPrinter driver (TEKO)
LPDHelix Nuts and Bolts file
LPIInformation file for laser printers (common with some scanning sofware)
LRCVideo phone file (Intel)
LRFLinker response file (Microsoft C/C++)
LRFLine Rider custom font file
LRSLanguage resource file (WordPerfect for Windows)
LSFLogos library system file
LSLScript library (Lotus)
LSPAutoLISP, CommonLISP, and other LISP language files
LSSSpreadsheet (Legato)
LSTKeyboard macro (1st Reader)
LTMForm (Lotus Forms)
LULibrary unit file (ThoughtWing)
LVLMiner Descent/D2 Level extension (Parallax Software)
LWALightwave Scene (version 6 and up)
LWDText document (LotusWorks)
LWFWavelet graphics file (Luratech)
LWLOLayered Object file (Lightwave)
LWOLightwave Object (version 6 and up)
LWOBObject file (Lightwave)
LWPWordpro 96/97 file (Lotus)
LWSCScene file (Lightwave)
LWZLinguistically enhanced sound file (Microsoft)
LYRLayer file (DataCAD)
LZDDifference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
LZHCompressed archive (LH ARC)
LZSData file (Skyroads)
LZWCompressed Amiga archive (LHWARP)
LZXCompressed archive (Generic)

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