File Extension Listing for "N"

NANNanoscope files (Raw Grayscale)
NAPVideo file (EnerGraphics)
NBText file (Nota Bene)
NCInstructions for numerical control machine (CAMS)
NCBDeveloper Studio file (Microsoft)
NCCCNC (Computer Numeric Control) file (CamView 3D)
NCDChange directory (Norton)
NCFInternal clipboard (Lotus Notes)
NCHOutlook Express folder file
NCONero BackItUp compressed backup file
NDBNetOp database (Danware Data)
NDO3D low-polygon modeler (Nendo)
NDXDatabase file (1ACT! for Microsoft Windows)
NDXIndex file (dBase II-III-IV)
NEORaster graphics (Atari Neochrome)
NESEmulator ROMS for game console (Nintendo)
NETNetlist output file (Orcad Schematic Capture)
NEWNew info
NEZEmulator file used for game consoles (NES)
NFFNeutral File Format
NFOInfobase file (Folio)
NFTTemplate file (Netobject Fusion)
NGOnline documentation database (Norton Guide)
NILIcon Library file (EasyIcons-compatible) (Norton)
NISTAudio (NIST Sphere)
NLBData (Oracle 7)
NLMLoadable Module (Netware)
NLONetG Skill Builder file
NLSNational Language Support file used for localization (for example, by Uniscape)
NLUE-Mail Trigger file (Norton LiveUpdate)
NLXForm (FormWorx 3.0)
NMEAGPS Log Data file
NODFile (Netobject Fusion)
NPProject schedule (Visual Planner 3.x)
NPISource for interpreter (dBase Application Generator)
NRFData file (NICOLET)
NRGImage file (Nero)
NRINero ISO CD compilation file
NRLTemplate (Microsoft Outlook)
NS2Database (Lotus Notes version 2)
NS3Database (Lotus Notes version 3)
NS4Database (Lotus Notes version 4)
NSFDatabase (Lotus Notes)
NSODocument file (NetObject Fusion)
NSTMusic module (MOD) (Noise Tracker)
NSVNullsoft streaming video file that comes with Winamp
NTStartup files (Microsoft Windows NT)
NTFNational Imagery Transmission Format file
NTRExecutable ASCII text file
NTSExecutable ASCII text file
NTXIndex file (CA-Clipper)
NUFMessage for new users (1st call) (Procomm Plus)
NWCSong file (Noteworthy Composer)
NWSNews message (MIME RFC822) (Microsoft Outlook Express)
NXTSound file (NeXT)

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