File Extension Listing for "S"

SSource code file (Scheme)
S3IInstrument file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)
S3M16 channel music file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)
SAIEncrypted video file (Integrated Sensors)
SAMSigned 8bit sample data file
SARCompressed archive (SAR)
SASSAS program file
SAS7BCATSAS system catalog
SAS7BDATSAS system data set
SAS7BNDXSAS system index
SAVBackup file (Generic)
SAVEDoom 3 and Quake 4 Savegame File
SAVE Temp file for Unix nano text editor
SBRaw Signed Byte (8bit) audio data
SB!Locking file (Superbase)
SBDData definition file (Superbase)
SBD - File FormatSAP 2000 file Structural Analysis Program from
SBFFile data (Superbase)
SBIInstrument file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster)
SBKBank file (Soundblaster)/EMU SoundFont v1.x (Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0)
SBLFlash object (ShockWave)
SBPProgram file (Superbase)
SBQQuery definition file (Superbase)
SBRSupport file (Source Browser)
SBTNotes related to record data (Superbase 4 for Windows)
SBVForm definition file (Superbase)
SCDisplay driver (Framework II)
SC2SAS 6.12 catalog (Windows 95/NT, OS/2, Mac)
SC3Renamed dBase III screen mask file (dBase IV)
SC4Level file (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
SC7SAS 8.2 catalog
SCADatafile (SCA)
SCCText file (Generic)
SCDObject description language graphics (Scodl Scan Conversion)
SCFMultimedia show (ScoreMaker)
SCHSchematics file (ORCAD)
SCISystem configuration information file (Generic)
SCMVideo game console ROM emulater file
SCNScreen file (Kermit)
SCNScene data file (TrueSpace2)
SCOHigh score file (Generic game file)
SCPScript file (BITCOM)
SCPT Macintosh script-based file
SCRFax image (Generic)
SCREENFLOW Screenflow screen recording application file
SCTCT bitmap (Scitex)
SCT01SAS catalog (Unix)
SCTPApplescript script
SCVCASmate Native format (ScanVec)
SCXBitmap graphics (ColorRIX)
SCYSecurity file (ReaGeniX)
SDAudio (Sound Designer I)
SD2SAS 6.12 data set (Windows 95/NT OS/2, Mac)
SD7SAS 8.2 data set
SDAFile archive description (Fidonet Software Distribution Network)
SDCSpreadsheet (Staroffice)(StarCalc)
SDDPresentation file (Staroffice)(Starimpress)
SDFSystem Data File Format - legacy Unisys (Sperry) format
SDISoftware distribution network information file
SDKFloppy disk image (Roland)
SDLLibrary file (SmartDraw)
SDNSoftware distribution network compressed archive
SDPDatafile (Cocreate SolidDesigner)
SDPCDatafile (Cocreate SolidDesigner)
SDRDrawing (SmartDraw)
SDSRaw Midi Sample Dump Standard file
SDTTemplate (SmartDraw)
SDVSemicolon Divided Values file
SDWRaw Signed DWord (32bit) data
SDWGraphic file (Lotus WordPro)
SDXMidi Sample Dump Standard files compacted by SDX
SEASelf-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files and possibly by others)
SECSecured animation file (Disney Animation Studio)
SEDScreen editor script files (SED)
SELData file (Copy Books)
SEPPrinter seperator page (Generic)
SEQSequential instruction file (Bubble Chamber)
SESSession information file (Clarion Modula-2)
SESSIONInternet Security Scanner file (ISS)
SETInstall driver sets (Symphony)
SETVoice set files (Quartet)
SEWSewing program file (Generic)
SFWps attribute storage file (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell)
SF2Bank file (Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0)(Soundblaster)
SFDSound File Data (SoundStage)
SFIGraphics file (SIS Framegrabber)
SFKSound file (Sonic Foundry)
SFLPcl 4 bitmap font (Ventura Publisher)
SFNFont file (SPX)
SFPPcl bitmap font (Intellifont)
SFPPcl bitmap font (Portrait)
SFRSample Resource (Sonic Foundry)
SFSPcl 5 scalable font file (Intellifont)
SFTSoftGrid Program Package Container
SFWMangled JPEG (Seattle Filmworks)
SFXSelf-extracting archive (RAR)
SGImage file (SnapGraphix)
SG1Graphics file (Stanford Graphics)
SGFGraphics file (Sonique)
SGIGraphics file (Silicon Graphics)
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
SGPStatistics file (STATGRAPHICS Plus)
SGTSave/Get keyboard macro (Signature)
SHASCii archive (Unix/SHAR)
SH3Presentaion file (Harvard Graphics)
SHBDocument shortcut file
SHGBitmap (HotSpot)
SHKCompressed archive (Arthurian Shrink Archiver)
SHMShell macro (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
SHNAudio compression file (Shorten)
SHPFile format used by some programs for 3D modeling of multipart interactive triangle models
SHPDOS shapes file (3D Studios)
SHRFile archive (Unix ASCii) (SHAR)
SHSShell scrap file; reportedly used to send "password stealers"
SHTPocket Spreadsheets file
SHTMLHTML file containing Server Side Includes (SSI)
SHWPresentation (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
SHXShapefile spatial index file (ArcView)
SIFSetup installation files (Microsoft Windows NT)
SIGSignature file (PopMail)
SIKBackup files (Sicherungskopie)
SITCompressed archive of Mac files (Stuffit)
SIZConfiguration file (Oracle 7)
SIZEDGallery resized photo image
SKASecret Keyring file (PGP)
SKFDrawing file (AutoSketch)
SKLResource file (Macromedia Director)
SLSource code file (S-Lang)
SLBSlide Library File (AutoCAD)
SLCCompiled SALT script (Telix)
SLDSlide File (AutoCAD)
SLDASMSolidWorks Assembly File
SLDDRWSolidWorks Drawing File
SLDPRTSolidWorks Part File
SLISlide file (MAGICorp Slide Service)
SLKSymbolic link spreadsheet (SLYK)
SLLSound data file (Generic)
SLTScript application language (SALT) (Telix script source)
SMMaillist (SoftSpoken Mailer)
SMSimple MODRATEC Graphic
SMSource code file (Smalltalk)
SM3Symbol file (DataCAD)
SMDVideo game console ROM emulator file
SMFFax document (SMARTFAX)
SMFMIDI audio file
SMMMacro (AMI Pro)
SMPSamplevision format
SMSEmulator ROM image file (8-bit Sega Master System)
SMTSmartObject file (IconAuthor)
SMWSimpl Windows for Crestron processors
SMZIPStepmania package format
SNADrive Snapshot compressed Disk Image file
SNDSound resource (Macintosh)
SNDRSound file (Sounder)
SNDTSound file (SndTool)
SNGMidi song file (Prism)
SNKVisual Studio Strong-Name key file
SNMMailbox (mail folder) index (Netscape)
SNOSource code file (Snobol4)
SNPOutput video file (Computer Eyes)
SOShared library file (Unix)(equivalent to a Windows DLL)
SOLSolution file (Common used with game examples,tutorials)
SOMSort information files (Paradox)
SONSong file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio II)
SOUSound file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio)
SPCompressed archive for Unix (Sprint)
SP2Quake2 pcx 8-bit sprite builder file
SP3Quake2 pcx 32-bit sprite builder file (for use with CyberPunkQE)
SP4Saved game (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
SPAFutureSplash Flash file (Macromedia)
SPCTemporary file (WordPerfect for Windows)
SPDScalable font (Speedo)
SPFJPEG image file
SPGGlossary file (Sprint)
SPIGraphics file (Phillips Scanner)
SPLSample file (DigiTracker)
SPMData file (WordPerfect for Windows)
SPPPrinter file (Sprint)
SPPACKSound sample (SP Pack)
SPRGenerated screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)
SPRITEBitmap file (Acorn)
SPSScreen driver (Sprint)
SPTSupport file (MITAC disk/system management utility package)
SPUPicture file (Spectrum 512)
SPWWorksheet (SigmaPlot)
SPXCompiled screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)
SPZSudoKoach puzzle file
SQCStructured Query Language (SQL) common code file
SQLGenerally used by database products as an extension for SQL queries (scripts, text, or binary)
SQMWindows Live Messenger log file
SQPQuery result of audio search (Sonique)
SQRStructured Query Language (SQL) program file
SQZCompressed archive (SQUEEZE)
SREUndefined file (Motorola)
SRFRaster graphics file (Sun)
SRMVideo game console ROM emulator file
SRPSCript file (QuickLink)
SRZSource file (DataFlex)
SSBitmap graphics (Splash)
SS4MODRATEC SigScribe4 Railway Signal Interlocking Design Data File
SS5MODRATEC SigScribe5 Railway Signal Interlocking Design Data File
SSAVideo file (Sub Station Alpha)
SSDBase SAS data file
SSD01SAS data sets (Unix)
SSFSpreadsheet file (Enable)
SSPDatafile (SAS Transport)
SSVQuake 2 Savegame File
STInstrument library (Scream Tracker)
STAStack file (SpinMaker Plus)
STBStub library (Genus GX Kernel)
STDState transition diagram graphic file (Prosa)
STEStandardized graphic exchange file format
STEPStandardized graphic exchange format
STFCompressed archive (SHRINKTOFIT)
STGAlphacet Strategy XML file
STLStereolithography file
STMMusic module (MOD) (Scream Tracker 2)
STOPascal stub OBJ file (Genus GX Kernel)
STPCatia file
STQText file (Statistica) (StatSoft Software)
STRStructure list OBJ file (dBase IV Application Generator)
STSSong file (Music) (Scream Tracker)
STTTaci Pixia palette file 1.0 Text Document Template
STXTax form (CA-Simply Tax)
STYStyle sheet (Generic text and graphics programs
SUE Lossless data compression and archival format from System Enhancement Associates (an alternative for ARC)
SUISuit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
SUMSummary file (Generic)
SUNRasterfile graphics (Sun)
SUPSupplementary dictionary files (WordPerfect for Windows)
SVDAutosave file for document (WordPerfect for Windows)
SVFSimple Vector Format 2D image (Microstation)
SVGScalable vector graphics file (Adobe)
SVPGraphics file (Sonique)
SVSAutosave file for style sheet (WordPerfect for Windows)
SVXInterchange file format, 8SVX/16SV
SVYDatabase file (SAVVY/PC)
SWRaw signed Word (16bit) data
SWAShockwave audio file in Macromedia Director (an MP3 file)
SWFObject (ShockWave Flash)
SWGSwag Packet file (SWAG Reader)
SWITCH Egress Software Technologies' container format for encrypted files
SWPDocument backup file (Sprint)
SXCOpenOfficeCalc file
SXDStarOffice Drawing 1.0 Text Document
SY1Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)
SY3Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
SYDBackup of startup files (QEMM)
SYLKMicrosoft Excel spreadsheet file
SYMProgram symbol table (Generic to compilers)
SYNSynonym file (Microsoft Word 5.0)
SYWGraphics symbols (Harvard Graphics)

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