File Extension Listing for "V"

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VMain image input file (Vivid 2.0)
VConsistency check support file (ReaGeniX Code Generator)
V88-bit audio file (CoVox)
VALValues list object file (dBase Application Generator)
VALAsset management document (Milliplex OmniValue)
VALValidity checks/referential integrity checks (Paradox for Windows)
VANAnimation file (VistaPro)
VAPAnnotated speech file (Generic)
VARASCII text file for data dictionary (Sterling Software Groundworks, COOL Business Team Enterprise Model)
VARVariable file (IconAuthor)
VBAVBase file
VBAVisual Basic file
VBPProject file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBRRemote automated registration file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBSScript file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBWWorkspace file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBXVisual basic extension (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBXCustom control file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VCSpreadsheet (VisaCalc)
VCInclude file with color definitions (Vivid 2.0)
VCBVisual COMMBasic or VCBasic macro definition (created with Outsideview)
VCEUnformatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)
VCEUnformatted voice file (used by Cool Edit)
VCEVisual CertExam certification preparation exam file
VCFVirtual card file (Many programs use this extension)
VCFConfiguration file; defines objects for use with Sense8's WorldToolKit (Vevi)
VCFVirtual card file (Netscape)
VCTClass library (Microsoft FoxPro) (MFC)
VCVViewCave Video file
VCWVisual workbench information file (Microsoft Visual C++)
VCXClass library (Microsoft FoxPro)(MFC)
VDAGraphics image (Generic)
VDATarga bitmap
VDRDrawing file (ComputerEasy Draw)
VDXVirtual device driver
VDXXML for Visio drawing file
VDXVector graphic file
VEL3D drawing file (CAD( (Ashlar)
VEWView file (Lotus Approach)
VEWView file (Clipper 5)
VFVegas Movie Studio File
VFLClip art file (PrintMaster Gold)
VFMVoting form (Voter)
VFNVoting form for customers (VFN)
VGAVideo graphics array (Font type for display on a VGA Monitor)
VGAVideo graphics array (Monitor type, also defines if your monitor is compliant with the new (1994) SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) (SVGA)
VGDVisual display driver ( Generic CADD)
VGRGraphics file (Ventura Publisher)
VHDDisk image file format used with Virtual Server and Hyper-V
VIVirtual Instrument file (National Instruments LABView)
VIGraphics file (Jovian Logic VI)
VIVariable Information file for Xerox's Freeflow software
VICGraphics file (Vicar)
VIDScreen device driver (Microsoft Word)
VIDBitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)
VIDBethesda video files (Terminator, Future Shock)
VIDShell monitor file (Microsoft DOS v.5)
VIDGeneric video file
VIFKhoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)
VIFFKhoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)
VIKGraphics Image (Viking)
VIRFile identified as a virus-infected file by Norton AntiVirus and possibly others
VISGraphics image file (VIS)
VIVStreaming video file (VivoActive)
VIZdVS/dVISE file (Division)
VLBLibrary file (Corel Ventura)
VLMDrafting program file (Vellum, by Ashler)
VMVirtual memory file (Geoworks)
VMCVirtual memory configuration file (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
VMCvirtual machine settings file for Microsoft Virtual PC
VMDOn-line video file (Sierra) (Torin's Passage)
VMDKVirtual Machine Disk file for VMware virtual machines
VMFFont characteristics file (Ventura Publishing)
VMFAudio file (FaxWorks)
VMLVector markup language (used by Microsoft Office 2000)
VMSText file with vms specific information
VNCVirtual Network Computing configuation file
VOInclude file with object definiton (Vivid 2.0)
VOBEncrypted video and audio files used on current DVD's (Digital Video Disk)
VOCAudio file (Quartet)
VOCAudio file (generated by RCA digital voice recorder)
VOCAudio file (Creative Labs Sound Blaster)
VOFObject folder (VZ Programmer)
VOXFormatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)
VOXAudio file (Talking Technology)
VOXDialogic audio file coded using ADPCM
VPPublication (Ventura Publisher)
VPGGraphics image file (VPGraphics)
VQAVideo files (Westwood Studios)
VQEVQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)
VQFVQ file (Yamaha Sound) (possible emerging standard)
VQLVQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)
VRFConfiguration file (Oracle 7)
VRMOverlay file (Quattro Pro)
VRMLA Virtual Reality Modeling Language file
VRPProject file (VXRexx)
VRSVideo device driver (WordPerfect for Windows)
VSInclude file w/surface definition (Vivid 2.0)
VSDVector graphics drawing file for Microsoft Visio
VSLDownload List file (GetRight)
VSMSimulation model (VisSim)
VSNA Windows 9x/NT ViruSafe version file; used to keep information about all the files in a directory; when a file is accessed, information is compared with the VSN information to ensure that they match
VSPData print file (Schedule Soft)
VSPImage sprite (SPX)
VSSSmartshapes image file (Shapeware Visio)
VSSStencil file (Microsoft Visio)
VSTBitmap graphic file (TrueVison Vista)
VSTTarga bitmap (Generic)
VSWWorkspace file (Shapeware Visio)
VUEView file (dBase IV)
VUEView file (Microsoft FoxPro)
VUEAnimation file (3D Studio)
VWText file (Volkswriter)
VWPAudio plug-in (Voxware MetaVoice Toolkit)
VWPAudio MetaSound plug-in (VoxWare Audio Compression Toolkit version 2.02.61)
VWRFile viewer (PC Tools)
VXDVirtual device driver for Windows systems

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