File Extension Listing for "W"

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WWord chart file (APPLAUSE)
W30Printer font (Ventura Publisher)
W31Startup file (Microsoft Windows 3.1)
W3LW3Launch file
W44Temporary file for Sort or Index (dBase)
WABOutlook address book file (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express)
WADLarge file for Doom game containing video, player level, and other information
WALTexture file (Quake 2)
WASScript source code file (Procomm Plus Aspect)
WAVWaveform sound (Microsoft Windows)
WAXCompiled script file (Procomm Plus Aspect)
WB1Notebook (QuattroPro for Windows)
WB2Spreadsheet (QuattroPro for Windows)
WB3Text file (QuattroPro for Windows)
WBCImage file (Webshots)
WBFBatch file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
WBKBackup file (Microsoft Word for Windows)
WBLUpload file (Argo Webload II)
WBRWordBar File (Crick Software)
WBTWordbar template (Crick Software)
WBTBatch file (WinBatch)
WBZWebShots image
WCDMacro token list file (WordPerfect for Windows)
WCFWebex Saved Chat File
WCMData transmission file (Microsoft Works)
WCPProduct information description file (WordPerfect for Windows)
WD1Word Express file
WD2Database file (Info Select) by (Micro Logic)
WDBDatabase file (Microsoft Works)
WDFWebArt data file (database file that can be converted for use in many programs)
WDGWarftpd remote daemon file
WDMMicrosoft Visual InterDev98 templates Web Project Items file
WEBWeb source code file
WEBARCHIVESafari Web archive file
WEDFireFox bookmark backup file
WFBBank file (Maui/Rio/Monterey) (Turtle Beack WaveFront)
WFDAudio waveform (WaveForm Manager Pro)
WFLFlowchart file (Winflow)
WFMWindows form (Virtual dBase)
WFNSymbol (Corel Draw)
WFPProgram file (Turtle Beach WaveFront)(Maui/Rio/Monterey)
WFTData file (NICOLET (Old Format), see NRF)
WFXData file (WinFax)
WG1Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
WG2Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3 for O/S2)
WGPData file (Wild Board Games)
WIWavelet compressed bitmap (Corel)
WIDWidth table (Ventura Publisher)
WIFWavelet image file (see WI)
WILWinImage file
WIMWireless identity module (Used by wireless application protocols)
WINWindow file (dBase)
WINWindow file (Microsoft FoxPro)
WIREAlias Wire CAD data file for Alias Studio Tools
WIZPage wizard (Microsoft Publisher)
WK1Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 1 and 2)
WK3Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 3)
WK4Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 4)
WKBDocument file (WordPerfect for Windows)
WKESpreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 Educational version)
WKQSpreadsheet (Quattro Pro)
WKSWorksheet spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3)
WLFUpload file (Argo Upload I)
WLKGraphics file (Virtus Walkthrough)
WLLAdd-In file (Microsoft)
WMAAudio file in Microsoft Windows Media format (Can be changed to ASF) Siren (Sonic Foundry)
WMCMacro file (WordPerfect for Windows)
WMFMetafile (Microsoft Windows)
WMVWindows Media Player visual/audio file
WMZWindows Media Player skins file
WNText file (NeXT WriteNow)
WNFOutline font description file (CorelDRAW)
WOASwap file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
WOCOrganization chart (Microsoft Windows OrgChart)
WORKFLOWAutomator workflow
WOWMusic module (MOD) (Grave Composer)
WPDocument file (WordPerfect for Windows)
WP4Document (WordPerfect for Windows 4.0)
WP5Document (WordPerfect for Windows 5.0)
WP6Document (WordPerfect for Windows 6.0)
WPAWord processor document (ACT!)
WPDDocument (WordPerfect for Windows)
WPFFax document (WorldPort)
WPGGraphics file (Microsoft Word for Windows)
WPGMicrosoft Word for Windows vector graphics (DrawPerfect)
WPKMacro (Microsoft Word for Windows)
WPMMacro (Microsoft Word for Windows)
WPSMS Works Text Document
WPTTemplate (Microsoft Word for Windows)
WPWPerfectWorks document (Novell)
WQ!Compressed spreadsheet (QuattroPro)
WQ1Spreadsheet (QuattroPro/DOS)
WQ2Spreadsheet (QuattroPro version 5)
WR1Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.1-2)
WRAPMediaForge (XMLAuthor) media content file
WRDTemplate (Charisma)
WRGReGet document
WRIWrite document (Windows Write)
WRKSpreadsheet (Symphony 1.0)
WRLVirtual Reality model
WRP3D modeling file (Raindrop Geomagic) (Scandata)
WRSResource file (Microsoft Word for Windows)
WRZAnother VRML fileject
WSText file (WordStar)
WS1Document (WordStar for Windows version 1)
WS2Document (WordStar for Windows version 2)
WS3Document (WordStar for Windows version 3)
WS4Document (WordStar for Windows version 4)
WS5Document (WordStar for Windows version 5)
WS6Document (WordStar for Windows version 6)
WS7Document (WordStar for Windows version 7)
WSDDocument (WordStar for Windows 2000)
WSPWorkSpace file (Fortran PowerStation)
WSTDocument (WordStar for Windows)
WSZSkin (WinAmp)
WTAUsed by wireless telephony applications
WVWavPack lossless compressed audio file
WVLWavelet Compressed Bitmap
WVWInterleaf WorldView format (a PDF format)
WWBButton bar for document window (WordPerfect for Windows)
WWKKeyboard layout file (WordPerfect for Windows)
WWLAdd-in file (Microsoft Word)
WXDMusic resource file (Relic Entertainment)(Home World)
WXPDocument file (EXP for Microsoft Windows)

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