File Extension Listing for "X"

XSource code file (Lex)
X01Secondary index file (Paradox)
X02Secondary index file (Paradox)
X03Secondary index file (Paradox)
X04Secondary index file (Paradox)
X05Secondary index file (Paradox)
X06Secondary index file (Paradox)
X07Secondary index file (Paradox)
X08Secondary index file (Paradox)
X09Secondary index file (Paradox)
X16Macromedia Extra (program extension), 16 bit
X32Macromedia Extra (program extension), 32 bit
XARCorel Xara drawing
XARMicrosoft Excel auto-save files
XBMA MIME 'X11" bitmap image
XCFGIMP document
XCIXML Configuration Information (Adobe enterprise forms product)
XDLXML Schema file
XDPLabel file using Avery DesignerPro Label Design)
XEFXGenics eManager XML form and data for eManager
XEMXGenics eManager Metered units / credit definition for forms/file usage in eManager
XEPXGenics eManager File packaging / unpacking information for eManager components
XESXGenics eManager XML definition for UI skins
XETXGenics eManager XML definition for eManager process
XEVXGenics eManager File download definition for autoupdate and delivery of new procedures
XEZXGenics eManager Template package for eManager
XFDAcu4GL/ACUCOBOL extended file description (from Acucorp)
XFNPrinter font file (Ventura Publisher)
XFNPrinter font file (Xerox)
XFTXML Forms Template (from Adobe enterprise forms products such as Adobe Forms Designer)
XFXFax Document (Various)
XHTMLeXtensible hypertext markup language
XIInstrument file (FastTracker II)
XIInstrument sample file (ScreamTracker)
XIFImage file (Xerox) (same as TIF)
XLAArchive (Xlib)
XLAAdd-in file (Microsoft Excel)
XLBDatafile (Microsoft Excel)
XLBToolbar file (Microsoft Excel)
XLCChart file (Microsoft Excel)
XLDDialogue file (Microsoft Excel)
XLKBackup file (Microsoft Excel)
XLLDynamic link library (Microsoft Excel)
XLMMacro file (Microsoft Excel)
XLRMicrosoft Works spreadsheet or chart
XLSWorksheet file (Microsoft Excel)
XLSXMicrosoft Excel Open XML Document
XLTTranslation table (Lotus 1-2-3)
XLVVBA module (Microsoft Excel)
XLWWorkbook (Microsoft Excel)
XMMusic module (MOD) (Fast Tracker 2)
XMICompressed midi music (eXtended)
XMLeXtensible markup language
XMODModel file (Monarch Pro Datawatch)
XMPZXML Miradi Project Zipfile
XNFNetwork file (Standard)
XNKShortcut file (Microsoft Exchange)
XONDatafile (Axon)
XPMAdobe Extensible Metadata Platform file format
XPRJProject file (Monarch Pro Datawatch)
XQTMacro file (SuperCalc)
XQTExecutable file (Waffle)
XR1Data file (Epic Megagames Xargon)
XRFCross-reference file (Generic)
XSXSchema view layout description file (Microsoft XML Designer)
XTBExternal translation table (LocoScript)
XTPData file (Xtree)
XWDX Window Dump format (SDSC Image Tool)
XWFWorks file (Yamaha XG) (MIDI sequencing)
XWKKeyboard mapping file (Crosstalk)
XWPText file (Xerox Writer)
XWPSession file (Crosstalk)
XWSXara Webstyle Graphic
XXCompressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)
XXECompressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)
XXXSinger XL embroidery design file
XYText file (XYWrite)
XY3Document file (XYWrite III)
XY4Document file (XYWrite IV)
XYPDocument file (XYWrite III Plus)
XYWDocument file (XYWrite for Windows 4.x)

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