Do you love taking photos and wish your digital camera is more portable? Or do you wish for higher photo resolution than the one taken using your phone?

How about crisp, sharp digital images to impress friends without professional camera set up?Fret not! Now, you can easily take your digital camera to the tech edge in cool mini fashionable style!

Proudly introducing Mini DV, a 1280x960 high resolution mini camera with high definition video and sound recording that is barely the size of a credit card!

Mini DV comes in a super sleek compact styling that immediately demands your peers’ attention! This beautifully compact camera makes sharing your favorite pictures and videos simple and fun!

Take stunning pictures in just a click! Snap ultra sharp photo and take cool video clips with the new Mini DV, a breakthrough in the digital imaging!


Small But Extremely Powerful!

- Powerful 1280x960 resolution for small size camera
- Huge 1G memory card storage that stores over 3,000 of images!

- If used with external battery, it can greatly increase the consumption usage!
- Same full capacity of larger, professional digital camera yet housed in compact size
- Small enough to fit in pocket , the size of a coin! - Fantastic features for maximum versatility

Best of all, you are getting the best of multimedia all in one portable compact camera size. With Mini DV, you can take impressive photos, film videos , record sound in one mini size! Fashionable and highly unique, now you can capture beautiful memorable without bringing bulky and chucky camera equipment with you, just snap and go!

Mini DV has highly optimized motion detection feature. it's able to detect any moving object say if you are filming a house warming party, Mini DV is smart to detect any new faces in the surrounding and automatically focus on their faces without the need to readjust your frame!

MiniDV also helps you produce sharper results by automatically selecting a faster shutter speed and higher ISO (light sensitivity) setting to compensate for subject movement or camera shake.

Motion Detection help you enjoy to take great pictures instead of worrying about camera settings, thus freeing up even more disk space for more usage!

What would a digital camera do good without capturing the voice? Mini DV is highly versatile, you can use it in multi situation say to record voices in lecture, friends’ gathering, concert, seminars or even your baby first cry with full clarity!

Incredibly small yet absolutely social ! Snap photo, take cool video clips, record interesting voice and then share easily with friends via MSN, SKYPE, Messengers in 1 click! Amuse and impress them with your creativity!

Small but utmost powerful, the battery consumption is never compromise, it's so user friendly you can use any external power plug to charge . Do you think a Mini DV will eat up battery level fast?

It charge a little but goes on strong for long! What's more, you can continue to take photo even while it's charging so your hobby is never interrupted!

You can never get this fantastic mini camera with such huge 16G memory card storage housed in compact size except here! It makes a perfect gift too!

For a limited time only, we are selling for $49.95 exclusive in our webstore! Hurry before the price goes up!



  • View range: 60 degree
  • Lens: High-end quality lens
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Phote pieces: 1GB/about 2100 pieces)
  • Recording format: AVI
  • Video encoding: M-JPEG
  • Recording resolution: VGA,1280 X 960 @30fps+1fps
  • Time setting: Yes/No(you can set free)
  • Image radio: 4:3
  • Recording time: Full power, about 85min
  • Audio format: WAV
  • Sampling Rate: 24kHz
  • Web Cam: 320 x 240
  • Sound Recording time: Full power, about 3 hours;1GB/12.34h
  • Supporting system: Windows 7/me/2000/xp/2003/Vista:Macos 10.4;Linux
  • Transfer interface: Mini 5 Pin USB
  • Storage support Micro SD(TF)
  • Battery type: High-capacity lithium polyer
  • Battery capacity: 220mAH
  • Charging time: About 3 hours
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 40 degree
  • Operating humidity: 20% - 80%
  • Size: 45 x 29 x 11 mm
  • Weight:0.50kg

MINI DV Camera
High Resolution Mini Camera
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