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If you have any questions regarding sales or technical issues, please visit us at the Customer Support Center.

We guarantee a response to urgent inquiries within 24 hours and a reply within 48 hours.

Here's just an example of one happy customer's comments about our service:

"Dear Annette, 

Amid the hazards of the internet, videlicet: killer apps, crashes, worms, it is such a pleasure to read a positive, stress reducing, friendly, problem solving, liberating, day making, life enhancing message such as yours. You're the best thing since Prozac. 

Whitney Thompson" 
Gloucester, MA (7/31/01)  

About inKline Global, Inc.

Since 1993, inKline Global, Inc. is the leading publisher of award winning Internet and productivity programs. Its product line includes Security Booster, PC Booster, Modem Booster, Stay Connected!, Visual Calendar Planner, Visual Day Planner, RedBox Organizer, WinFM, Oligo and My Favorites. These programs have won many noteworthy mentions like PC Magazine Award Winning Shareware, CNET Editor’s pick, AOL Editors' Choice, PC World Editors' Choice, WUGNET Pick of the Week, 5 Cows rating on Tucow, WinList Winner of Windows Magazine and many more.

If ever there were companies who's products that have gone to almost every country in the world, that's us! From Germany and Kenya to French Polynesia and Bolivia, we're proud to have more than 50,569 supporters who love our time saving, problem solving software. Here's another well satisfied customer.

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