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Current Version

Version 2.1
What's New
Release Date:
July 2001

Give Your Browser a Facelift!

Oligo - comes with really cool looks that will make you go "Wow"! Dump that boring gray mass produced browser for this amazingly beautiful designer browser for the next generation! Just like fashion and clothes, you don't want to be wearing the same thing as the guy beside you

Before and After Oligo

Program Features

"Believe it or not, now the Web sites you visit will determine the skin, or the font, or the color schemes or any combination of those and more. You control the horizontal, you control the vertical. You pre-define how each site should look and change it on a whim to suit the season, your clothes, your day-to-day attitude." ZDNET - Preston's Pick

A Browser with Any Shape You Can Imagine?
Oligo's odd shaped browsers are customizable to your personality and mood. For example, in the shape of your favorite car, star or cartoon. Oligo has different looks and interfaces which are called 'skins'. Change a browser skin every day if you want to. It can never be boring.

Build Your Own Browser
Really? No kidding. You don't need programming skills to make your own unique browser, just some creative juices. Just follow the step by step instructions and say WOW! Your own unique browser!

Customize Your Surfing for Every Site
Experience each website the way you want.
Surf faster to your favorite sites with Oligo Manager which customizes every website with its own unique attributes. Every website can have its own unique character as defined by you!

Maybe a larger font for a website that always has tiny font size, a white background for easier reading if the background is too bright or maybe you just want to use your favorite font "Comic Sans" to view your website

Launch Favorites with One Click
Group your favorite websites into separate folders eg. 'Morning', 'Afternoon' and 'Evening'. 'Morning' may contain your Websites for the day's news, stock indices, weather etc. 'Evening' may contain your entertainment site, favorite sports channel or online bookstore

Launch Multiple Websites with a Unique Skin for Each
Customize a unique skin for each of your favorite website in Oligo Manager's Skin Options. Group the websites that you want to launch together into a "Group". Click on the group from the Oligo system tray icon to launch.

Customize Each Website
Customize attributes such as:

Launch the website every time in a new browser.
- Put comments for every favorite website.
- Use a particular skin for this website.
- Use a particular font type, size or background color for this website.
- Put certain websites together so that you can launch them together.

Customize Using Font & Color Options
Set your favorite sites to a bigger font, change the font color and background color.

"All I know is my browser is boring ... I'm going to download Oligo and let my creative juices go wild ... It uses the IE engine I already have so that means I'm not bringing in any new bugs, just keeping the old ones." - Editor's Pick, Nonags.com

System Requirements and supported formats

PC: Intel Pentium 90 and above processor with 16 MB of RAM, 8 MB of free disk space.

Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP

Software: Requires Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.

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Awards & Reviews

ZD Net Killer Download
"For those of you who crave to change the skin of your browser to match your personality, your mood swings, your favorite sites and much more, allow me to introduce you to Oligo."

The Windows browser, Oligo, boasts a free-form design as an alternative to the mass-produced square browsers that ship with most computers."

5 Star Editor's Pick