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Our Reviews & Awards

We appreciate the feedback and support and do our best to make our software even better. Below are some remarkable testimonials that we have received from our customers recently:


"The reasons to use this browser are mainly aesthetical. It is a delight to have a skin if your browsing goes slow; you can at least admire the skin."
John Wheeler, CA, USA

"Its been fun and functional.
I think this program has very cool skins and its the way to go for apps!"
Andrew Keeger, Portland, OR, USA

"BEST BROWSER YET FULLY CUSTIMIZABLE. Awsome Browser Highly recommended"
Marie Shaw, VIC, Australia


PC Magazine
"Oligo's main claim to uniqueness is its strong customization features. You can change IE's appearance simply by installing one of the two dozen available skins. These skins can be freeform or rectangular, unlike those in Netscape 6.0, and you can download more from the Skin Library on the company's Web site"

ZDNET Preston's Pick
"For those of you who crave to change the skin of your browser to match your personality, your mood swings, your favorite sites and much more, allow me to introduce you to Oligo."

"The Windows browser, Oligo, boasts a free-form design as an alternative to the mass-produced square browsers that ship with most computers."


"If you're the type of person that likes using skins and craves a change in the look and feel of the old browser standards then you've got to see what Oligo v2.0 from inKline Global can do for you."

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