PC Booster 7
Speed Up Your PC in 2 Minutes
- Make your computer fast & stable in minutes
- No additional hardware required
- Tweak hidden settings to boost performance
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Awards & Reviews

"If you're plagued by a slow system and mysterious crashes or you just want more control over your desktop, PC Booster may be the answer"

"Increase your system's speed
without adding new hardware"

"I have to tell you,
PC Booster actually did improve my computer performance more than anything else I've tried."

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Performance Comparison Before and After PC Booster Optimization

PC Booster is designed for quick acceleration of your PC with JUST A FEW CLICKS. If you can follow a few clear simple steps - you can soon say Goodbye to frequent windows freezes and restarts and Hello to faster boot ups and more productivity with a faster accelerated system.

Don't you hate those hours of lost productivity when your PC was down, and you can't get a tech person to fix it ... and those blue screens and anxiety panics when you lost your Word document before you could press "SAVE"?

PC Booster gives you peace of mind, a cleaner PC system, faster boot up, opens those huge files quickly ... and much more.


How does PC Booster boost my computer speed?

Using a revolutionary Auto-Tune up process, anyone can tune up their PC by using Auto Tune to analyze their system. Auto-Tune will automatically optimize your computer for best performance once you run the diagnostics. No experience required. It examines different modules for System, Desktop, Windows Start Menu, Internet, Hardware, CD-ROM, Memory, Boot Up and Shut Down and optimizes it for your Windows and computer configuration.

New Feature - Results you can See and Feel in 2 minutes.
Still not convinced about how much your PC has improved? Unlike other software which only claim to speed up your PC, PC Booster measures the performance of your PC before and after the tune up, and presents the improvements in an easy-to-understand chart, so you can see at a single glance how much faster your PC is compared to before.

New Feature - Memory Optimization at your Fingertips!
PC Booster's Memory Optimization Bar lets you know in real-time how much memory your system has available. Even when you close off some programs, the memory they used may not be accessible. When available memory drops too low and your system starts to slow down, simply click on the Free RAM button to free up the lost memory from your system. Its as good as adding more Ram to your computer!

New Feature - Hard Disk Tools
Brand new set of diagnostic and repair tools for hard disk drives improve and optimize your performance. Protect your files from prying eyes with just 1 click.

Advanced Users can make use of the Manual Tune-Up to tweak individual components. An extensive help menu explains the benefits each tweak for your PC.

Honestly, if you can just shave off an hour working on your PC and spend more time doing what you enjoy instead, or even delay that PC hardware upgrade, PC Booster would have already paid for itself, saving you time and hundreds of dollars.

We guarantee some boost or your money back for 60 days ZERO risk, ONLY benefits.

"The program was very easy to use, with a great interface. Everything was done with one click of a mouse and the Auto Tune Up did everything for me!! The order process was very smooth and I didn't experience any problems." - Rob Goode, Bakersfield, CA

System Requirements

- Pentium III above processor
- 256 MB of RAM
- 30 MB Free Space
- Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / Seven