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September 2004
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Your Security Report Card

Test  Result Security Risk
Test 1: Javascript Your Javascript is Javascript can be used by spammers to spawn multiple browser windows that can crash your PC and change your browser home page.
Test 2: 
File Security
See the results below

Unsecured PCs can be taken over by malicious hackers. They can delete, modify and add files to your PC.

Test 3: Cookies See the results below

Cookies are IDs left over from your surfing. Unauthorized parties may use this to track your surfing activities. Hackers can even steal credit card details if they are stored in cookies.

Test 4:
See the results below

Hackers can use ActiveX to take control of your PC to launch malicious attacks on hundreds of other computers around the world

If you see an  image, it means that you have ActiveX enabled. If you don't see the image, ActiveX is disabled.
Your Security and Privacy may be at Risk!

Are you sure about your computer's security? Ask yourself the following:

Q. Have you purchased online previously?
Q. Have you installed free programs in your computer?
Q. Do you store your passwords on your computer?
Q. Do you store confidential documents on your computer?
Q. Do you receive unsolicited emails?

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the above, then your PC may be facing an impending security disaster.

Without Security Protection for your Computer - 
You are a likely Target for Cybercrime!

What can happen to you? Without an internal protection software, sensitive data on your computer can be accessed by unauthorized persons such as hackers, who can use it for various criminal activities

They can know:

- Your social security details
- Your credit card numbers
- Your secret account IDs and passwords 
- Every website you have visited
- Every picture you have downloaded to your computer
- Every video file you have viewed
- Your private chat session logs

- and more ...

Every time you use your computer and logon to the Internet, you leave a trail of information revealing personal details about yourself, such as your address, financial details and surfing habits, which makes you a good target for hackers, spammers, extortionists, stalkers and fraudsters

These people can wreak havoc with your computer, take over control of your PC, use your credit card to rake up bills of tens of thousands of dollars, commit crimes using your identity and literally destroy your life


Don't be a sitting duck for Hackers!
Protect Yourself and Your Family with Security Booster

Before Security Booster

After Security Booster

Don’t take any chances on your privacy and security.  
Download Security Booster

How does Security Booster boost my computer security?

With Security Booster, you can ...

  • Protect Your Computer Security & Privacy in Minutes!

  • Prevent Unauthorized Intrusions to your Computer!

  • Prevent Malicious Hacker Attacks!

  • Prevent Cyber Fraud.

  • Prevent Identity Theft.

  • Automatically Check & Protect your PC. More information

Honestly, if you can protect you and your family's online security from hackers and fraudsters, Security Booster would have already paid for itself. 

Just imagine the price you will pay, if you become a victim of online criminals, who stole your credit card information and used your identity to commit online fraud

Can anyone afford NOT to protect themselves from today's security threats? 

I'm interested. How do I get Security Booster?
window utility


Protect your Computer Privacy
& Security

Price: $39.95


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