Stay Connected!
Prevent Disconnections while Surfing
- Prevent disconnections due to inactivity
- Easy to install and configure
- Compatible with all major ISPs

Awards & Reviews

C|net Power Downloader's Pick
"A trusty little utility that'll put a pit bull's bite on your connection, holding fast until you pull the plug"

PC World Magazine
"It's the only pinger we tested that consistently protects against AOL's sneaky connection dialog box"

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If simple tasks like emailing or chatting with your friends and family have become impossible due to frequent disconnections, you need Stay Connected!

Think of all the lost hours of productivity, when you had to constantly redial or refresh your browser just to prevent disconnections! Stay Connected! solves your problem by keeping you online till you are truly ready to disconnect.

Will Stay Connected! work for me?

Yes! No matter which Internet Service Provider you are currently using, Stay Connected! is Guaranteed to work for you.

Even if your Internet Service Provider wises up to one form of disconnection feature, Stay Connected! has multiple back up features to keep your Internet connection until you ready to disconnect from the Internet.

If you could only stay online for that few hours to finish your research, complete typing and sending your emails, have a great time chatting or downloading your favorate MP3s, Stay Connected! will more than pay for itself.

Say goodbye to disconnection frustrations and hello to smooth uninterrupted surfing!

Can I try Stay Connected! to see if it really works for me?

Try Stay Connected! for 60 Days, and if Stay Connected! does not work as promised, return Stay Connected! for a full refund.

Stay Connected! keeps you online by simulating the Internet activity of a 'real' person, such as surfing the web.


Mulitiple Options
With multiple configuration options to choose from, no matter how your Internet Service Provider tricks you into disconnecting, you can't get knocked off!

Mouse Movement
Simulate the surfing patterns of a 'real' person with mouse movements! Mouse movements that will make your Internet Service Provider think that you are still in-front of your computer surfing.

Close Off Pop-ups
Users of AOL and CompuServe even have special features built-in that can close off all types of pop-up windows. They can also configure multiple login configurations to use in the auto dialer.

Stay Connected! has the widest compatibility; major Internet Service Providers like AOL, CompuServe, NetZero, MSN, AT&T WorldNet and many more. No other product matches Stay Connected! Internet Service Provider compatibility.

If Stay Connected! works for 2.5 million users. We're sure it'll work for you. Read hundreds of glowing reviews & see how Stay Connected! is the #1 disconnection solution that works.

System Requirements

- Intel Pentium || processor and above
- 16 MB of RAM
- 4 MB Free space
- Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP