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Like to monitor someone or a situation without being discovered? Do you want to record a conversation discreetly?

Thought of recording a scene silently without getting caught? Do you smell something fishy and wonder what's really happening?

Proudly introducing Mini Spy Pen, a 1280x960 high resolution mini spy pen with high definition video and sound recording that is barely the size of a memory card!

A stylish modern looking pen with a built in camera that help you monitor your object of interest easily! You can use it to write or take record and photo! Small in size but big in function!

Mini Spy Pen records videos/audo in High Resolution. It has the smallest pin hole camera made especially for personal safety and lets you record everything seamlessly. No one will notice there is a hidden camera built inside your pen and that serves the good purpose of putting it next to them without being noticed!


Small But Extremely Powerful!

- An Unsuspecting Pen that works as your surveillance spy agent
- Color Video and Audio Recording
- Photo JPEG Format:1280*960 pixels
- USB Plug & Play Compatible
- Supports: Windows/Mac/Linux operating system

Works well in any environment - near the bed, in the living room, on the table, at kitchen , office or anywhere!

Anytime, anywhere you need to record a scene or capture a conversation, simply press the "ON" record button and off to recording mode right away! Yes, no prior or advance set up is needed because it's so intuitive you can capture evidence on the go!

Mini Spy Pen comes with color video and audio recording and it's can be easily connected to your PC or laptop with no driver or installation needed! Easy USB Plug and Play , allows you to playback video on your PC and laptops!

Best part is it's so light, portable and inconspicuous that you can turn a normal looking pen into your personal spy agent anywhere you want! With a click of start button.

Highly versatile! Place anywhere for your unsuspecting target.

Don’t live in the dark anymore!

Works so silently in the background so your targets never get suspicious Discover what's happening with your loved ones!

No Need Expensive CCTV, Complicated Surveillance Camera Setup!

Amazingly affordable, easy to set up than traditional CCTV system! No need to recruit expensive spy agent while Mini Spy Pen can easily get you in the know and gain easy access to your rooms, office or someone nearby unnoticeably! Lightweight and very portable, you can find out what you want to know with this inconspicuous Mini Spy Pen, at times when a normal CCTV system or a home surveillance device become too obvious and put your suspects on guard!

Simple to function, small, exquisite, this Mini Spy Pens help you discover the truth without you doing the hard work!

Simple to function, small, exquisite, this practice Mini Spy Pen helps you discover the truth without you doing the hard work!

For a limited time only, we are selling for $49.95 exclusive in our webstore! Hurry before the price goes up!



  • View range: 70 degree
  • Lens: High-end quality lens
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Phote pieces: 1GB/about 2100 pieces)
  • Recording format: AVI
  • Video encoding: M-JPEG
  • Recording resolution: VGA,1280 X 960 @30fps+1fps
  • Time setting: Yes/No(you can set free)
  • Image radio: 4:3
  • Recording time: Full power, about 85min
  • Audio format: WAV
  • Sound Recording time: Full power, about 1 hour
  • Supporting system: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Transfer interface: USB cable
  • Storage support Micro SD(TF)
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Charging time: About 15 minutes (4 hours for the first time)
  • Size: 1.5 x 15 cm
  • Weight:0.10kg

Mini Spy Pen
High Resolution Mini Spy Pen
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