Watch TV on PC in 2 minutes


Satellite USB TV is the new hit in home and work entertainment. The internet has once again crossed boundaries of technology to prove that it can offer more than we previously envisioned. But why would you need to get one of those satellite PC TV Softwares downloaded to your PC or Laptop? There are several reasons and this is why?




TheSatellite USB TV is here

Its as good as it sounds. Imagine watching fashion shows from Paris, switching to local sports from your hometown, then catching live news coverage from across the globe from the actual country itself.

Your Gateway to Unlimited Entertainment

Until now, if you wanted to watch more programs than your local TV broadcast, you’d most likely have to subscribe to cable or have access to a powerful satellite dish. All that extra equipment comes up to extra cost and subscription fees. There’s an easier way. Enter PCShowBuzz, with more than 1000+ TV channels for you to chose as soon as you install it.

Enter your own TV World

Now you can easily pick, choose and manage all the programs you want to watch…. Perhaps even more that you really need! Never be spoilt for choice again! Now your only problem is finding enough time to watch it all.


- Pentium III above processor
- 128 MB of RAM
- 20 MB Free Space
- Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT4.0 / 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7 / 8


Satellite TV USB
Watch TV On Your PC In 2 Minutes
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