Visual Day Planner
What Do You Want to Do Today?
- Easy to use calendar planner
- Customized Folio, Organizer & Diary
- Support for workgroups across networks

Awards & Reviews

ZD Net
"Organize your life - visually!"

"When was the last time you forgot someone's birthday? Or miss an important appointment? Here's Visual Day Planner (VDP), the cure for your amnesia!"

PC World

"With this calendar as your wallpaper you can switch between day, week, or month views; share your calendars and other' over a network; set alarms; and run events"


"Visual Day Planner is simple and fun to use. You can share your database with others over the local network, while remaining easy to customize to you preference."

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Get your life together with Visual Day Planner, the powerful yet unique printable calendar planner that is customizable for both individual and workgroups usage.

Never miss an appointment with the wallpaper feature which puts all your appointments within easy reach, and you don't even have to run the program! Alarms, recurring events promptly reminds you periodically of important appointments.

It is so easy to use. Simply type your appointments or memos into it like a word processor. Use different fonts and icons to remember your appointments at one glance.


Never miss another appointment by setting it as your wallpaper
Set your planner as your Desktop Wallpaper, so you can always see what event is coming up, what appointments is on today or tomorrow, and you don't even have to run the program! Set the wallpaper timer to update your planner as the desktop wallpaper at fixed intervals. For instance, update every one-hour.

User-friendly interface and customizable appearance
Don't like the default and dull black color of those fonts? Customize it to your liking with your choice of fonts and colors!

Multiple Views
If you find the month view is not giving you enough room, change it to week view.
Don't like the vertical view? Change it to view it horizontally. You can switch between month, week and day views all with just a click of a mouse button.

Drag and Drop Pictures
Comes with over 150 different pictures that you can drag-n-drop directly into the planner. More can be added, and even edited, by dragging and dropping icon files into the picture bar.

Update your planner at fixed intervals
Set a timer to update your planner as a desktop wallpaper at fixed intervals. For instance, update every one hour.

Recurring Tool
If you have events that occur consecutively or events that happen every, say, 10 days, use the recurring tool to help you record it. Use the alarm in conjunction with the Recurring Tool so that you never forget that appointment you set months ago!

Network Features to aid the workgroup and small office
Visual Day Planner's powerful network features allow multiple users to synchronize and view everyone's ongoing projects in real-time - a perfect workgroup calendar for updating and sharing busy schedules among the office! Scheduling for meetings is a snap as everyone can view each other's schedules with this master planner. Alarms and recurring events reminds everyone in the workgroup of upcoming events.

Network Sharing Functions
Databases can be shared between the local network so everyone can view and coordinate each other's activities in real time. You can even set network alarms to remind the whole office of an important event, like a meeting, in real-time.

Admin Wizard
The Admin Wizard allows administrators to easily set user privileges, restricting certain users from making any modifications to the planner, while letting other users with authority edit entries. This allows system administrators to have total control over the editing rights of various users.

Visual Day Planner has been used successfully by thousands of businesses, offices, and professionals with great effectiveness. It is the must have planner for every office. Read our user reviews & see how Visual Day Planner is the #1 scheduling solution that works.

System Requirements

- Pentium II & above
- 32 MB of RAM
- 12 MB of Free space
- Windows 9.x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP